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20 Ways To Know That You're Ready To Heal - Quiz

Updated: May 1, 2022

How can you know when you're truly ready to heal without holding back? Take our quiz at the end of this article to measure if you are ready to heal right now.

Many people are seeking to heal deeper levels of themselves. Somehow they have heard the call to go deeper within; to dig up what's eating them alive. Perhaps you can relate. Perhaps there's unsettling feelings within you, that refuse to be repressed anymore. You've have grown tired of carrying around the heavy emotional baggage, stuffed with things that have kept you from knowing what it means to not only to thrive in your life, but to truly feel happy and alive.

Lets' face it, it would be pretty challenging to soar to the greatest heights of your real potential if you are being weighed down by things like anger, bitterness, shame, blame, guilt or feelings of wanting revenge, yet, many people keep themselves locked up, in their own emotional prison as they hold onto these things.

"By holding onto negative, self-defeating emotions, individuals have unknowingly given others power over them and also, the key to the invisible, energetic prison they have created around themselves."

Let's expand on the prison concept. When you point a blaming finger outward to the rest of the world for your unfulfilling, life circumstances, you keep yourself in a self-induced state of suffering and limitation. In essence, you imprison yourself, giving away your power to those you feel have betrayed you in one way or another. Typically, the ones you have accused, or hold grudges against, casually walk away with a key that you've given them. The truth is, only you hold the real key, to set yourself free. Healing is always an inside job!

We have all at one time or another bottled up, repressed, stuffed, or ignored, our pain to one degree or another. We have all been a part of generational disfunction and disconnection that has been passed down generation after generation. Many carry on the dysfunctional patterns without even realizing it, until they find their life riddled with experiences that leave them feeling drained, unfulfilled, unhappy, or displaced in the world.

When we look at this on a deeper level, on a soul level, the truth is, we have all been receivers of pain and givers of pain in this life and also, in many, many other lifetimes. We have all played our parts and our roles of being the victim and the villain to one degree or another, through our thoughts, words, or actions. If you find yourself saying . . . "Not me!" STOP reading this article. If you are in a state of denial, you are not ready to heal.

Healing can only begin when we are ready to acknowledge the parts we've played in the various negative experiences that we've found ourselves stuck in now or in times previous.

"Accountability is a key component to healing. If you aren't willing to look at personal accountability, you are doomed to repeat patterns until you do."

For instance, one who is in an abusive relationship, will continue to play the role of the victim, that is, until they have made the conscious choice to choose otherwise. Every day that individual stays within that debilitating relationship that they know is not healthy, they are energetically agreeing to it and saying, "Yes," to the continued abuse and unhealthy imbalances associated with it. I know, because I've been there.

I do not say these things lightly and there may be those who struggle with the former statement, about being personally accountable for your life choices, however, let me reassure you, I speak of these things because I have been through that former cycle of abuse myself. Over time, I got tired of functioning tired and broken hearted, so I made the conscious choice to break free from the heavy chains that kept me from knowing myself on deeper levels.

"I was finally ready to go deep and look at the emotional deficiencies and poisonous patterns that were oozing from within me on every level, mind, body & spirit."

As I have reflected on my life, I have experinced many traumas that I once gave permission to play out. On a body & soul level, I have played the victim, the martyr, the hero, the villain, and countless other roles, throughout this lifetime and many others. And so have you.

Each role we've played, was designed to bring in deeper awareness's and remembrances in connecting us to the origin of our true, divine nature. For all of us . . . each experience had their struggles, and each had their ultimate relief through deep healing. Some experiences we may remember and some we may not.

Writing this article is not to state that I have mastered all healing in my life, yet, I continue to be accountable for my life, and my personal choices, so that I may become the best possible version of me in this human form, as the ultimate healing is to return to love.

Several years ago, I once heard direct guidance from a higher power, which I will now share with you. The words came with such power, I could not deny them even if I wanted to.

"True spiritual mastery and healing will be realized, when you are able to be 100% accountable for your life."

Now . . . breathe that thought in and let it settle for a while. Such a thought may throw you into a downward spiral of, "But . . . what about this time or that time, and when they did this or that?" This may trigger you into defending your position or calculated stories that you've told yourself over and over again. It may push you into justifying why you are the way that you are. It may make you dig your heals in even deeper to defend your position, however, no matter how you process the above statement, it's perfect for where you are right now in this particular moment. A new awareness has come in, whether you accept it or reject it . . . it is up to you to choose. Triggers invite you to figure out the message of healing for you.

"Triggers bring up uncomfortable emotions that have been subconsciously buried within you. When they surface, it's like shining a spotlight on what is ready to be healed, and also more than likely, begging to be healed."

"To be healed is to remember that you are not anything that you have labeled yourself or others to be. To be healed is to remember who you were, and still are, beyond this earthly realm of existence."

Everyone experiences healing differently individually, which blesses and heals all collectively. We all have steps to get there, to the ultimate remembrance of who we truly are. What works for one, may not work for another. Your rate of healing depends on how willing you are to open up to it. If you'd like to measure where you are and to what degree you are ready to heal, take our quiz below. It can offer you hints about the areas in your life that you can work on being more open to. Let's get started!


As you move through the quiz, answer Yes, Sometimes, or No to the given statements. For each given statement, give yourself 1 point for each answer. At the end of the quiz, calculate how may times you answered yes, sometimes, or no.

Yes indicates that you are ready to heal and are healing this area of your life.

Sometimes indicates that you are opening up to this area of your life more and more.

No indicates that you are not currently open and need work on this area of your life.

1. You acknowledge that your life has been a series of experiences that have at times been in balance, and also out of balance, and you are beginning to understand and are willing to look at how your choices affected your past and current results. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

2. You understand that your life experiences have had generational patterns associated with them and that you knowingly or unknowingly, made limited choices in your life based on some of those generational patterns. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

3. You are no longer in a state of denial or defense of yourself and are willing to deeply consider the roles you may have played in past or current experiences that have kept you from healing yourself fully, mind, body, and spirit. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

4. You have deep emotions surfacing called triggers, which at times can be intense creating feelings of fear, anxiety, apprehension, worry, or concern. You are willing to look at them and acknowledge them without stuffing them back down or blaming others for your reactions. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

5. You are willing to look at your life and the full picture you have painted for yourself. You are willing to acknowledge each and every experience was and is a cocreation between yourself and others on some level, mind, body and spirit. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

6. You are able to look objectively at your experiences, without casting blame on yourself or others. You can observe without judgement and see everything as learning experiences that are ultimately leading you to knowing your highest self. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

7. You are open to receive support through your healing experiences as you move deeper into understanding generational patterns, limiting belief systems, self defeating behaviors, or any dysfunctional influence that has been a part of your life. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

8. Even though you may not see all the steps involved in your healing process, you are willing to trust in the process and to trust that you are being supported and guided beyond what your physical self might currently realize. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

9. You are willing to practice and extend more love, compassion, and forgiveness toward yourself and others for thoughts that were thought, words that were said, or actions that were played out that kept yourself or others small. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

10. You understand that healing is a process that can happen instantaneously for some and step by step for others. No matter what, you are willing to respect everyone's journey of healing even if you don't fully understand the process. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

11. You are willing to let go of your past choices that lead you to experience less than desirable outcomes, and open your heart to choices that can move you forward into outcomes that are beneficial for both you and others. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

12. You are willing to honor your journey and understand that healing often involves moving through layers of deep conditioning and is associated with looking at the whole body, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

13. You are willing to work through and forgive feelings of shame, blame, regret, revenge, bitterness, anger, or anything that has hindered you in your life and also within the lives of those you have had relationships with past, current, or future. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

14. You are ready and willing to open your heart and mind to the birthing of a new you; one that is filled with divine light and infinite love. You are ready to step into the whole reason that you are here experiencing this earth life. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

15. You find yourself suddenly interested in spirituality, meditation, connecting to God, or anything that points you in a direction that is uplifting or healing. The limiting pain of your past feels like it is moving further and further away. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

16. You no longer wish to give power to the external things around you including jobs, people, situations, or experiences. You now understand that these things are false reflections of who you are. You are now ready to take your power back. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

17. You are open to understanding that healing is a process of remembering your divine worth and connection to a higher power within yourself and to what some refer to as God, Source, Universal Consciousness or infinite love. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

18. You are ready to open yourself up to vulnerability, sharing and acknowledging pain that has lay hidden from the rest of the world. You are ready to release the baggage that has been weighing on your heart, mind, and soul. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

19. You are willing to explore avenues for healing that you may not have otherwise considered including, group therapy, individual counseling, energy healing, healing courses, meditation, yoga, or modalities that support mind, body & spirit. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

20. You are willing to commit to the process of healing and to most importantly, fully integrate what you have learned within your everyday life. You understand that integrated healing takes place through your thoughts, words, and actions and with your connection with God, self, and others. Yes, Sometimes, or No.

Thank you for taking our new quiz, "20 Ways To know When You're Ready To Heal." Ultimately, we all get to choose what we wish to experience and explore for ourselves when we truly desire to heal. There are many wonderful ways to heal and ultimately it's your beautifully messy journey to claim healing for yourself. Know that you are supported in more ways than you might currently realize, yet, as your inner desire and will is present and in harmony with the LIGHT of INFINITE LOVE, healing will come, one conscious step at a time.


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Leslie Paramore, offers several options for healing. Please visit the website to see available healing sessions that could work for you.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Leslie Paramore operates a private practice, where she offers sessions remotely and in person. She supports individuals on their path towards holistic health and wellness, mind, body and spirit. Leslie is a Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Purpose Coach, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and meditation recording artist. Leslie is also known for channeling intuitive messages from the spiritual realms for her clients. She loves supporting individuals in discovering their healing gifts. She is passionate about empowering the planet one heart at a time.

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