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Your Soul Health Quiz

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Has any doctor ever asked you, how your Soul Health is doing? It's an unlikely reality, however, it might surprise you to learn that you are the Primary Physician of your Soul Health. As the designated physician, it is your job to monitor and maintain your Souls health and wellbeing. After reading this article, on what things may be keeping you from attending to your Souls current condition, we invite you to take "Your Soul Health Quiz," to measure what Soul Prescriptions may be in order for you. Enjoy the article and be sure to comment below to let me know how you are doing! Also, please subscribe for more website perks!

We live in a world where so much attention is given to our physical bodies, which has rubbed off on all of us to one degree or another. As a result, humanity tends to focus on their outward appearance, rather than the unseen portions of the Soul Body. Depending on where we live, we have been conditioned to dress our bodies with the latest fashions or cultural trends. The clothes can be revealing or unrevealing, feel liberating or suppressing, as we strut down the distracting runway of life, void of any real inner Soul direction. When we look beneath the surface of our clothing, we have merely placed a convenient dressing over our inner wounds individually, and collectively. It's truly is . . . the ultimate coverup.

In this physical world, people in general tend to judge what is attractive, ugly, mundane, plain, irresistible, and the likes of these. Some seem to be awkwardly obsessed with their physical bodies, creating the duality of both pleasure and pain through their choices and the things they selectively indulge in. As humanity goes about life fully clothed, they do so with the delicious intent of wanting more and more in the external world. Some continuously adorn their lives with stuff, never really satisfying ego cravings or appetites. It's what we call temporary fillers; those external things that pacify obsessive fixations or addictions to the physical world and the bodies that reside there. The illusion of what appears to be real to the human mind, is truly a dress up show designed to pull humanity into the never ending story of what they are not. The truth is, you are not your physical body nor the things you may think you possess over any given lifetime.

When you came into the world, you arrived in a body or what we will call a structural vehicle of flesh and bones, which is in very basic terms, comprised of DNA carrying genetic information through the makeup of various molecules. While in the womb, the forming of you was divinely orchestrated by the intertwining and communion between physical intelligences and spiritual intelligences, coming together in one cooperative union. The initiation of such a miracle was created through a loving co-creative agreement between the love and grace of God and your Divine Soul Self.

The physical world would tell you differently and may object to such a seemingly outlandish notion, yet the world is in its own state of denial, as it plays out it's various roles in its wide variety of physical forms called, human bodies. With this information to consider, we now wish to draw your attention to who you actually are in terms of an eternal being whose origin is immortal and who lives within you.

Before you decided to take on physical form, your Soul Self existed within the light of all that is love eternal, never ending, and infinitely divine. Some in the human world might refer to this as Universal Consciousness, Divine Love, God, Abba, Allah, Shakti, Nirvana, and other names that can only be felt through the Divine Soul expression of who you truly are. This majestic and eternal magnificence of your being is difficult to express in human terms of understanding or perceptions, yet there is a spark of its purity within each of us that our Soul Body brought with us into this physical form we call, life. This spark of purity is the spark of life, the breath of God, the force that ignites and orchestrates the workings of your being in physical form. It is how you are in this state we call, "being alive," yet, this physical form is only a portion of your aliveness. There is so much more to you than you might think.

Although housed in a vehicle called, a physical body, we are evolving as a human species. Through our complete life experiences, individually and collectively, we are unveiling the memories of our true identity. As our collective heart opens with a willingness to remember its true origin, we are moving deeper into stillness, merging with the light and truth of all that is known as Universal Divine Love. This is the energy or substance that intricately connects every human being regardless of race, culture, gender, belief systems, religion, or creed. Through our connection, communion, and consummation of our Divine Mind & Heart, with God, the inner journey and immortal marriage of self-love, is now awakening to the path of One. With this, there is pure peace, perfect joy, and completeness on every conceivable level. This process is occurring individually and also, collectively. Given this information for you to consider, we now invite you to test your Soul Health to indicate where you might be on the path of Divine Love.


The following questions can offer some insights for you to consider as you live your best life and learn to reconnect with your Soul Body. They are designed to support you in becoming aware of what your Highest Soul is asking you to remember about the deeper parts of your true identity and your connection to the path of One which is divine love in its fullness.

*IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Each question purposely begins with the words, "I tend to . . ." We present the questions to you in this manner as each situation may not yet be experinced to the fullest capacity of your Soul's potential. In addition, these questions are not all conclusive as there are many others that could be laid out, however, for the purpose of this experience, these questions are sufficient for the Souls participating in this quiz.


If you answer "Yes," to a question, your answer indicates that this is a situation that you tend to experience often and consistently.

If you answer, "Sometimes," to a question, your answer indicates that this is a situation that you have felt from time to time and seems to be increasing in frequency and duration.

If you answer, "No," to a question, your answer indicates that this is a situation that you have not yet experinced, but hope to experience as you connect more intimately with your Soul and the I AM presence of God within you.

Point System: For each question, give yourself 1 point or a checkmark for you answers . . . "yes, sometimes, or no" and tally them up in the end. Also keep in mind that this is a test that you can take multiple times as you reassess your Soul Health every few months.


For each of the following questions, simply answer yes, sometimes, or no. Answer to the best of your ability with an open mind, heart and soul. Truly reflect honestly on each question to receive the most accurate results for you.

1. I tend to feel peaceful in most of my daily activities, however, even if I find myself occasionally moving away from that common feeling, I can move myself back into the peaceful space of my Soul Center quite easily and effortlessly. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

2. I tend to feel a beautiful Soul Connection all around me, having a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. I can tune into the energies and intelligences of the tiniest of butterflies or to some individual I have not physically met on the other side of the world. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

3. I tend to live in the perfect Soul Moment of right now; recognizing that it is the most powerful space to co-create my life with the I AM presence of God. I do not find myself drifting to past experiences or stressing over what will occur tomorrow or even if tomorrow will ever come. I am content to be and live in the now. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

4. I tend to see the Soul Perfection through all experiences even though on the surface, life may appear misconstrued and confusing to most. I can view the inner workings of Spirit working through the divine awakening of all experiences that we have individually and collectively. I see perfection within the seemingly imperfections of life. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

5. I tend to step back as the Soul Observer, instead of interfering or becoming energetically entangled with human conflict or disputes. Instead, I hold all situations and persons in a space of love, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and empathy, as any loving parent would offer for their child. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

6. I tend to not allow outside appearances to fool me. I see through the veil of the human body and into the Soul Heart of every individual regardless of how they may see themselves. I see the light of God and the I AM presence within all and through all. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

7. I tend to move toward and embrace offerings in life that will support my Soul Growth as I consciously move away from the things that tempt to distract me from a path of love, joy, abundance, and inner peace. I can let go and let God, trusting in the Holy flow of the known and the unknown. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

8. I tend to live a life filled with a beautiful connection to the Divine Mind & Heart of God. I eagerly receive guidance with the inner presence of Soul Prayer as I live moment by moment. My thoughts, words, and actions are a constant prayer of deliberate intention as I consciously live my life in the I AM presence of God. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

9. I tend to forgive myself and others with ease and grace and can easily let go of feelings that are not in alignment with my Soul Self. I compassionately understand that we are all in a temporary state of spiritual amnesia, yet are moving forward individually and collectively in our ultimate Soul Awakening. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

10. I tend to find myself moving away from old, limiting beliefs in things I once gave power to. I no longer identify myself or place value on myself through job titles, opinions of others, material possessions, or in things of this physical world. Instead, I find myself identifying with the divinity of my Soul's Identity understanding it's infinite value and worth, void of all things in the world. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

11. I tend to gravitate toward supporting others through acts of love, compassion, understanding, and empathy, as in the bigger picture I see all as a beautiful extension of the infinite Soul Body. We are all one body living the various perspectives of life, as we learn and grow together through the unveiling of love consciousness. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

12. I tend to respect the path of all, and extend love to all, letting go of how I think things should be. I trust the divine orchestration and unfolding of love in every circumstance and within every human being. My Soul Mind knows that all is working out for the highest good of all regardless of how the world looks like any given moment. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

13. I tend to look at life with Soul Curiosity and a childlike wonder as I live with an open mind and heart. I see beauty in the simplest things and see the miracles of life all around me. I tend to be light hearted and playful in most all that I do. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

14. I tend to feel more deeply connected to the Soul Whispers of my divine heart which speaks through channels of inspiration and my connection to the I AM Consciousness of the Christ within. I place less significance and power on the thoughts, opinions, and philosophes of mankind revolving around religion, politics, or scientific studies.(Yes/Sometimes/No)

15. I tend to be more aware and supported by the power and the art of gratitude and humility as I awaken myself to the journey of what is consciously and unconsciously being created and orchestrated through the Soul Creations of all. I understand that gratitude and humility opens the gateway to the divine heart of God. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

16. I tend to create and embrace opportunities every day to show up as the best version of my Soul’s Expression in living life to its fullest potential as I connect with a world that my Soul is currently experiencing. I also hold loving space for others to do the same to the best of their ability and their conscious awareness. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

17. I tend to feel whole and complete exactly as I AM, with or without a partner, spouse, friend, or any other title roles we have assigned to others within our earth sphere. I have an awareness of the divine love that encompasses all that I Am as a Soul Master, living its destiny to the fullest degree of ascension. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

18. I tend to be acutely aware and connected to my Soul’s Vision through the spiritual realms which encompasses the presence of God, Angels, Archangels, Multidimensional Beings, Ancestors, Elementals, Ascended Masters as well as many other elements of omnipotent life forces unknown to the physical world. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

19. I tend to be conscious of my Soul’s Purpose and how to expand love consciousness through my uniquely endowed gifts that I have brought to this planet. I AM passionate about all Souls discovering their divine purpose as well, which ultimately is to return to the full presence of God’s infinite love within and to the path of Universal Christ Consciousness which encompasses infinite and eternal love. (Yes/Sometimes/No)

20. I tend to be connected to my Soul Activation, through some but not limited to the following: foreseeing or predicting future events, seeing or perceiving frequencies through or around physical matter, hearing or perceiving the energies of thought and emotion within all, experiencing things contrary to man’s understanding of human physics like bending time by speeding it up or slowing it down, consciously affecting weather patterns, experiencing things contrary to man’s understanding of human chemistry like spontaneous healing, or what one might refer to as miracles. (Yes/Sometimes/No)


This quiz served as a personal life tool for assessing your Soul Health. Although it is next to impossible to determine a completely accurate reading for your personal Soul Health based on just a few questions, for the purpose of this quiz, we invite you to measure your own Soul Health based on the number of times you answered, "Yes, Sometimes, or No, " to the questions. Whether you answered, "Yes, Sometimes, or No," you can reflect, meditate, and determine for yourself what areas you feel you are on the path of One Love. No matter what, or how you choose to measure yourself, there is always room for more growth and connection to the Universal Love of God.

Understand that your Soul has had a multitude of experiences comprised of many lifetimes and is evolving beautifully as you seek to connect and go deeper with it's infinite worth. You hold a portion of the I AM presence of God within you. It's a beautiful spark of Universal, Intelligent Light that cannot be extinguished. You are immortal to the core of your eternal existence. May you be blessed to celebrate that very fact, for no matter the physical illusion of where you think you are right now, in this moment . . . you are already there. You are already home.

To support your continued Soul Health, "Click" the coupon below for our online energy courses designed to elevate your life and your SOUL!

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4 comentarios

Goldean White
Goldean White
04 abr 2022

I am happy to see that my soul is healthy, sometimes it does not seem so obvious to me ;). Thank you for this enriching test

Me gusta
Contestando a

Goldean . . . wonderful! Thank you for stopping by and taking our Soul Health Quiz! You can look forward to more articles and quizzes to support you on your path. Much Love & Blessings, Leslie

Me gusta

01 abr 2022

It's good to see the my improvement. I remember how it used to be. However, when you describe it in such a detail way I can see clearly what need to be improved further or even started. There is always a new goal on the horizon :)

Me gusta
Contestando a

Wonderful I am so pleased that this was beneficial for you. Thanks for taking the time to read the article and take the quiz! Blessings, Leslie

Me gusta
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