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Alternative Therapy

Heart Centered Reiki



Level 1 

Jan. 7th & 8th

Step into the beautiful realms of self-healing, mind, body, and spirit.


Level 2

Feb. 4th & 5th

Learn to channel Reiki energy to others, through time, distance & space. 


Levels 3-4

March 4th & 5th

Learn the path of the Master Healer as your claim your divine birthright.

Your Healing Begins Here

Leslie's Heart Centered Reiki course goes above and beyond my expectations. While clear and concise, it's also in-depth and helpful. There's just the right amount of information in each section and it flows seamlessly. All in all, the best course I've taken on Udemy. Thank you so much Leslie. Love and gratitude.


A Student Testimonial

"Leslie is a great teacher, mentor and a pure soul that beams love and light to all her students at all times! This course has completely transformed my life and I owe my life to Leslie for always being there as a pillar of support every time I doubt myself/fall back. I feel it is gift from the divine energy that I came across this wonderful course. If you ever want to experience Reiki through love, THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU, PERIOD. Thank you for accepting me as your student and for being a marvelous Master Teacher!"

Image by Sarah Brown
Image by Sarah Brown

           Heart Centered Reiki Level 1 
~Self Healing~


Weekend of January 7th & 8th

From 9:00am - 6:00pm

Learn to tap into and harness universal life force energy to master your personal healing.  You will experience reflection exercises for deep healing, guided meditations to clear energy blockages, hands on exercises for harnessing and channeling energy.  You will practice the Reiki hand positions for self-healing, while using the Heart Centered Reiki channeled mantras associated with them. You will be invited to engage in emotional awareness exercises for forgiveness and letting go of stagnant energy within your body. You will learn about the energy wheels of the body known as the chakras and take our chakra test to discover which chakras may be blocked and how they can be cleared, and so much more! Students will be attuned to Heart Centered Reiki Level 1.

Enroll In Level 1 Below - Only $200




A Student Testimonial

"Leslie Paramore is an amazing teacher, her voice radiates calming and healing energy. I could listen to her teach all day long. She takes her time to make sure you understand the content and she is quick to respond with any questions or comments. You will love her class." ~Laura

meditation man.png

  Heart Centered Reiki Level 2
~The Healing of Others~


Weekend of February 4th & 5th

From 9:00am - 6:00pm

Join us as we stand upon the three pillars of Reiki, and the foundational elements needed for the channeling of Reiki to others. Breathe your way through the experience of guided meditations, hands on applications, the use of 3 Reiki Symbols, and practical role playing; all preparing you to step into the next level. Learn to channel energy to the past, present and future, through time distance and space. Learn about healing your ancestors and also your posterity. Build interpersonal skills and gain confident as you learn about pre-session interviews with clients, to prepare you for your successful sessions.  Participants will learn to implement guidelines for sending Reiki while implementing a greater understanding of its unlimited benefits. Students will be attuned to Heart Centered Reiki Level 2.

Enroll In Level 2 Below - Only $200

meditation man.png

A Student Testimonial

“Amazing journey! Very deep and detailed information. Very personal and engaging course. I love the authenticity and warm that Leslie has. She is the best advertisement of what Reiki can do for you. What kind of master you can become.”


meditation man.png

  Heart Centered Reiki Level 3/4
~The Master Teacher~


Weekend of March 4th & 5th

From 9:00am - 6:00pm

Heart-Centered Reiki Master/Teacher gives rise to the opportunity to receive the Master Symbol which is the highest Reiki symbol for healing. Here, the student becomes the Master Teacher. Students will role-play with the advanced Reiki techniques, and are lead through intuitive exercises. You'll learn the role of the Master-Teacher, attuning your future students to Heart Centered Reiki. Students will be shown how to perform intuitive surgery, apply Reiji to self and others, and learn skills to practice being the master healer.  Students will be attuned to Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher.

Enroll In Both Levels 3/4 Below -$300

A Student Testimonial

“This course is amazing! I have done in person Reiki courses years ago and none of them have been as good as this. It had everything I was looking for and then some. Not only that, through its exercises it allowed me to do some personal healing.”


Additional Payment Options


 Enroll In All Levels & Get $100 Off! 

We love celebrating future students as thay make a personal committment to jump into Heart Centered Reiki. With three expansive weekends fully packed with life changing activities, specifically created  for your awareness and healing, we want to reward you for your choice to choose you!


When you make a healing commitment to yourself, you save $100 off the orginal price of $700.


A Student Testimonial

"I cried during your healing story. I felt every feeling of joy, pride, confidence and magic in your heart it was beautiful! You're beautiful! I cannot wait to be able to have the gift of love to heal at the level you have done. This gave me so much hope as I'm going through so much as I try to self heal. Thank you for giving me the opportunity!"



 Secure Your Spot - Level 1 

When it's time to heal, life often extends an invitation for you to take one small step toward that process. Simply making the decision to secure your spot for Level 1 will feel liberating, knowing you made a decision that will benefit you. 

To secure your class spot, there is a $50 registration fee due no later than  December 15th 2022 to mark yourself as a future student. The remaining class fee of $150 will be due January 7th the first day of class.

A Student Testimonial 

“Being a Reiki Master I took this course for two reasons: to keep up to date and learn (we can always learn something in this life) I must say that the course is a path in which progress is made accompanied by an old good friend who knows how to speak to the heart, calm down and push us to meet the Energy that surrounds us.”



 Secure Your Spot - Level 2

Level 2 invites you to step into even deeper healing as you continue to self-heal, while learning to harness even greater skills to channel Heart Centered Reiki energy to others. 

To secure your spot for Level 2 there is a $50 registration fee due by January 15th 2023 to mark yourself as a future student. The remaining class fee of $150 will be due February 4th, the first day of class.

A Student Testimonial

"Leslie's Heart Centered Reiki course goes above and beyond my expectations. While clear and concise, it's also in-depth and helpful. There's just the right amount of information in each section and it flows seamlessly. All in all, the best Reiki course I've taken. Thank you so much Leslie. Love and gratitude."



 Secure Your Spot - Level 3/4

Levels 3 & 4 of Heart Centered Reiki is a level of self-mastery as you commit to deeper levels of healing for self and others. The path of a Heart-Centered Reiki Master Teacher, places you in a position of love and integrity as you lead and teach by example. 

To secure your spot for Levels 3/4 there is a $50 registration fee due by February 15th 2023 to mark yourself as a future student. The remaining class fee of $150 will be due March 4th, the first day of class.


A Personal Message

"When you feel called to claim the deeper healing offered through Heart Centered Reiki, there is no denying that call. Every fiber of your being, right down to the cellular level feels the vibration from within, as you connect with this beautiful life-force energy. Heart Centered Reiki is a path worth taking, for in it, you open yourself up to the amazing possibilities for your unlimited life; mind, body, and spirit." 

~Leslie Paramore - Course Instructor


Extra Bonus Material

~PDF Manuals: Heart Centered Reiki manuals for levels 1 through 4. 

~Powerpoints:  Powerpoints outlining key points for levels 1 through 4. 

~Online Reiki Course: Lifetime access to our online Heart Centered Reiki Course. 

~Certificates: Heart Centered Reiki certificates for levels 1 through 4. 

~Saturday Lunch: A lunch will be provided for participating students.

~Sunday Lunch: As tradition, we invite attendees to bring a favorite dish.


Join Our Global Influence

Your reason for making a commitment toward your personal healing is unique to your life. Join over 2800 students in 90 countries that have said, "Yes," to stepping into the profound potentials of positive and lasting change.  


As you claim self-empowerment, self- love, and self-healing, through your experience with Heart-Centered-Reiki, be prepared for your life to be elevated to new found ways of inner peace, abundance, and the infinite path of love unfolding right before your eyes. It's been waiting for you. 

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