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Client Testimonials

Leela 1.png

Leela C. 
In Person Session

"My first session with Leslie is one I will never forget. I felt such a connection coming from her as a caring practitioner. I felt a positive shift within myself after taking the time to experience healing on multiple levels."


Agnieszka S.
Remote Reiki Session - Poland

"I had a very deep emotional healing session about old trauma and fears and felt much calmer and optimistic after it. I notice huge difference in how I react and see things. The results after the session was very accurate and inspiring."


Jenea R. 
In person Session

 "I've been a regular client of Leslie's for three years. She has taught me about emotion and releasing  pain held within the body. My kids think she has magic hands! I would recommend her to anyone." 

Natalia 2.png

Natalia R.
Remote Reiki Session South Australia

"Leslie has helped me to feel calmer, balanced and connected. My mindset has positively shifted with greater clarity. Leslie was even able to intuitively pick up on and work with the shoulder pain I've been having, which now feels so much lighter. The session has truly made a difference in my life."

Pauline 2.jpg

Pauline F.
In Person Session

“I was quite bow legged and couldn't move my legs without pain before seeing Leslie. With Leslie, my legs of stone became mobile and completely new again. I have also worked through a lot of emotional trauma through her counseling. Leslie's healing work is so phenomenal! Thank you!"

Billy 2.png

Billy B.
Remote Reiki Session Montana

"Compassionate and patient, Leslie’s gentle spirit and kind hearted approach, instantly puts one at ease and inspires them to relax and receive the blessing of healing. I have been met with very wise counsel, with each and every session I have had with her. Thank you so much!

Randy 2.png

Randy C.
In Person Session

"For two and a half years I wore an supporting wrap and had pain every day because of a badly sprained ankle. I now play pickle-ball four times a week without a wrap and I am pain free! My ankle was totally healed! Thank you Leslie!"

Sara 2.png

Sara R.
Remote Reiki Session Malaysia

"If you are seeking a healing experience which transforms you at all level and touches your soul in every way possible,  I experienced this in a single session of Reiki and chakra balancing. Her written reports for the chakras are very informative and reassuring. 

Genie 2.png

Genie C.
In Person Session

 Leslie is a spiritual healer and is very knowledgeable and understands how each individual can be healed. Her healing methods work  as a mind, body spirit approach. In my session, I felt loved, enlightened, healed and blessed. 

Jana 2.png

Jana T.
In Person Session

"I have been carrying a very deep "mother wound," for 62 years causing physical and emotional issues, Leslie completely lifted this from me in one session. I feel like a different person! I wish I had found her years ago! She is an angel here on earth."

Jerry 2.png

Jerry R. 
In Person Session

"Being a person who has been in pain for many years, I have had countless massages.  Leslie's techniques are nothing but the best!  Would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a unique approach to healing. Her heart is invested in you."

shannon 2.png

Shannon Z.
Remote Reiki Session Eastern USA

During my session I could feel the divine energy begin its work. I only remember feeling loved. Upon the end of the session, I felt deeper sense of compassion for myself. This healing has helped me begin healing deeper parts of my self that I never thought I could get to. "

Monica 2.png

Monica Y.
In Person Session

"I have been a Health & Wellness Counselor for over 25 plus years. Leslie knows what I need to experience through energy work and uniquely guided messages that she delivers in each session. I have had levels of healing and growth that once seemed impossible."


Lowell N.
In Person Session

"Leslie is a gifted, insightful therapist, with a zest for living life fully, and for helping others to do so as well. Her love for mankind is inspiring. You will be a better person for having shared some time with Leslie. I know I am. Thank you so much! for all that you do!"


​ Darlene T.
In Person Session

 "I have had back and leg pain for several years. After my session I could walk easier and my back pain was gone. Leslie even worked on some arthritis I had in my finger. I was amazed that the knuckle on my finger had reduced in size by 50% in just one session. 


Rose H.
In Person Session

"Leslie has “magic hands”! She was able to get my body to stand up straight, removed a bump on my neck, turned my feet in so I walked straight, for the first time in my life and relieved my rock hard shoulders!   Her knowledge of the human body is a gift!"

Jennifer 2.png

Jennifer B.
In Person Session

Leslie creates a safe & comfortable space of Love during the Bodywork Sessions. Her amazing intuitive skills & healing power techniques are emotionally & physically supporting. Nurture the best relationship with your body, mind & soul with care from Leslie. 


Barbara C. 
Remote Session - California.

"Leslie is truly a sweetheart! I had been having neck and back pain. With Leslie's distance reiki session, I felt so much lighter and more grounded. And after months of a missed menstrual cycle, I finally started a new cycle. Her healing work did wonders for me. 

laura 1.jpg

Laura C.
Remote Reiki Session Europe

"Leslie helped me to heal my throat chakra so that I could start speaking my own truth. Without knowing me, she could intuitively speak exactly the healing words I needed to hear.  I feel renewed, refreshed, empowered and motivated to continue in my journey to become a powerful Reiki healer and coach."


Melanie R. 
Remote Reiki - Quebec, Canada

"Leslie Is a kind and generous person and she has a way to connect you to your heart, body and soul. After my sessions, I was left with incredible energy and I felt so grounded. She helped me have more clarity about the knots in my life. Warm thanks to you dear Leslie!"


Erika B. 
In Person Session

Leslie's sessions are the most unique and empowering  I’ve ever had. She is so intuitive & has given me so much guidance and light in my life. Such a beautiful soul! I love her & feel that she’s worth every penny! I walk away feeling lighter, brighter, and most importantly, very much loved. 


Brenda T.
Remote Reiki Alberta, Canada

In my Intuitive Reiki session with Leslie, I was supported and uplifted in so many ways.  During the session, and following days, I experienced greater lightness and clarity.  Leslie sent me the summarized messages. They continue to inspire me. I am grateful for what this session has gifted me.  Thank you Leslie!


Corin D. 
In Person Session

"I would highly recommend Leslie! She is truly gifted in her healing abilities. Every session is uniquely different, yet equally as powerful! She has helped me to transform and release things that are no longer serving me in my life. Thank you so much for doing what you do for people seeking healing!" 


Kirsten J.
In Person Session

I've been a regular client of Leslie since 2013. Every time I see her I've experinced a shift in my energy and body. I'm relaxed, balanced and refreshed. Leslie is genuinely a kind, compassionate, intuitive healer and massage therapist. I highly recommend Leslie's work! She is truly dedicated to healing.


Marianne W.
Remote Reiki Session, France

I had blocked energies due to a traumatic childhood and also a recurring ankle problem. During the session I felt a lot of comfort, sweetness, and pure love.  I felt the energy flowing within me with ease and harmony. The same day, after the session, the pain in my ankle was almost gone and I could walk normally.  I feel a little better every day. I feel a lot of appeasement, harmonization and balance.


Tom W.
Remote Mentoring, Ireland

I came to Leslie already well versed in Reiki energy healing. Her knowledge & healing gifts are exceptional and on another level of anyone I have encountered. She has guided me through my spiritual journey in ways that I never thought possible. With every single session I am left with with deep contentment and in addition, she is also lots of fun!  Leslie is genuine and compassionate and I have never felt like a client to her.  She cares for all and is gift to this world.

john pic.png

John L.
Remote Session, Ohio

When I was at a standstill in my life, Leslie performed distant Reiki on me. No human words to completely define the amazing experience. She helped free me from the pain, and the negative thought patterns that I was burdened with. I am truly changed now. I can lovingly say now with near tears of joy, that any remaining disbelief within myself has now been dissolved and turned into LIGHT.  I have finally found the healing path!!!!

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