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Teach Heart Centered Reiki

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Our Reiki Teaching Packages For You

There are many like you who are feeling called to teach Heart Centered Reiki which is now in 131 countries with 6000 students and counting! Now that you have been officially certified as a Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, we invite you to step into your global influence!

We have two teaching packages available to choose from. Simply click the links below to explore your next steps in starting your new career!

"Purchase Teaching Package 1"

"Purchase Teaching Package 2"

Not A Heart Centered Reiki Master Practitioner Yet You Can Certify Here!


Got Questions on how to get started? Simply email me!



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Reiki In Media

Reiki is becoming more widely accepted as a modality for healing in many US facilities and hospitals. In a 2008 USA Today article reported that in 2007 15% of U.S. hospitals (which is over 800) offered Reiki as a regular part of patient services.

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Your Students 

Master Your Reiki Influence

Imagine being one of the pioneer teachers of Heart Centered Reiki and having a personal influence on your students. As a Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, you can choose to expand your influence by teaching in person classes, mentoring individual students, facilitating online teaching via zoom, or any other creative methods that work for you.

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What Heart Centered Reiki Graduates Are Affirming. 

"I think this is one of the most amazing Reiki courses I’ve participated in. I’ve been a Reiki healer for 10 years and the knowledge contained within this course is truly amazing!" Stacy




What Heart Centered Reiki Graduates Are Affirming. 

 Heart centered Reiki is my definition of giving love and healing to any and all, maybe especially to ourselves. This course inspires self-love and self-care to all who take it.  You'll be well prepared, respectful and confident in your knowledge and gift. Amazing. Inspired. Truly heart and love based." Sara S.

On a Video Call

Personal Guidance

Leslie Paramore provides personal one on one mentoring as you experience teaching, Heart Centered Reiki. Whether you need teaching tips, practical insights, encouragement or mentoring to help you shine as a confident teacher, Leslie is available for personal and professional guidance. 


To arrange personal mentoring, please submit your written request to:

$50 per one hour phone consultation 


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