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Quiz - Are You Clairvoyant?

Expanding your spiritual gifts can be an exciting journey of discovery and remembering your divine essence. When you are aware of what your spiritual gifts are, you can then tune into how to use them on this earth plane. As a baby, you came into this world with your gifts fully awake and intact, yet through the deep conditioning of the world, you may have forgotten what they are. One of the spiritual gifts that you may possess is the gift of clairvoyance. Although this word may be unfamiliar to you, it is easily defined when we break the word up. The French word, “Clair” translates to “clear,” and “voyance,” translates to “seeing.” When we put the two translated words together, we have a more refined definition. Clairvoyance is simply the supernatural ability to see things clearly, meaning seeing life beyond the physical world and through the divine mind of God or the Third Eye.

So, you might question what that means. What does it mean to see beyond the physical plane? Often individuals who have this spiritual gift can receive intuitive information through images, colors, symbols, flashes of insight, dreams, visions, phrases or words that come to them, gut feelings, or intuitive hunches.

So, are you clairvoyant? Let’s present a quiz for you with some guided explanations to follow. Simply answer yes or no to the questions presented in this blog. Keep in mind that some individuals may have tuned into their gifts more than others. Some may be just waking up to them. No matter what, enter into this quiz with your mind and heart open to possibilities. If you can answer yes to at least one of these questions in this quiz, it's a good indication that you may have the spiritual gift of clairvoyance.

1. You have or have had vivid dreams or daydreams that seem so real it can leave you feeling somewhat disoriented at times. (Yes) (No) (Not Sure)

When one is clairvoyant, it can often encompass having vivid dreams or daydreams. Often times the dreams seems so real that when you come out of them you may need time to reorient yourself with your physical surroundings. These vivid dreams or daydreams may have begun when you were a child and continued throughout your adult years, although sometimes, as you move through to adulthood these vivid dreams can diminish due to a disconnect with the spiritual realms. You may have memories of such dreams as a child even if it is no longer occurring now. Keep in mind that just because the dreams are not as prevalent, it does not mean that you are not clairvoyant. If you are easily swept away with vivid daydreams, this is also an indicator that you can shift into other frequencies or realities quite easily. If you would like to expand upon this gift, before sleeping, simply ask to be shown messages through your dreams. Have a note pad nearby as important messages come through for you.

2. You will unexpectedly see white light, auras around people and things, orbs, colors, shadows, symbols, or sudden flashes of light. (Yes) (No) (Not Sure)

At times a clairvoyant individual will begin to see things out of the norm like flashes of color that are speckled. The color can be one color or many colors. One may also experience seeing luminating white light that is airy and transparent. You are literally seeing energy that is around everyone, yet few have the ability to see it due to living in the denser frequency of the physical plane. Think of radio waves or microwaves moving through the air. Just because you can’t see them, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. When your ability to see these things awaken, you might wonder if you are actually seeing it or if your mind is playing tricks on you. It is a natural reaction to something that can feel so unnatural. I have known individuals who have managed to catch photographs of orbs and I personally have seen them. Know that everything is vibrating at various energies. As your divine mind and heart open up to seeing beyond the physical experience, expect to see the unexpected. If you would like to expand upon this gift, you can practice staring at a candle or other object like your hand. As you focus on the outer edge, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the energy around the object. Trust the vision of your third eye to awaken to energy all around you.

3. You can easily visualize detailed pictures in your mind's eye as others describe their experiences with you. (Yes) (No) (Not Sure)

As you have conversations with others and they share their various experiences, instead of just hearing words, your mind plays out a panoramic movie of sorts. Flashes of pictures, colors and insights come flooding through your mind like a brilliant movie projector displaying images on the screen of your consciousness. In some ways it can feel like you are actually there, in real time even though what is being described is something that has already happened. You are able to see a clear picture and also feel the energy of the situation. You may even be shown where people are positioned, what they were wearing, how they were feeling and so much more. You may be shown the deeper meanings and insights beyond what you are being told by another individual. In a deeper sense, when you are truly tuned in, you can have the sense that you know every individual in the scene even though you have never met them personally. It’s like there is an energy cord running from you to everything around you. Information and insights come flowing in with ease when you are fully connected to the gift of clairvoyance. If you would like to expand this ability, allow yourself you feel the energy of your conversations with people. Instead of just hearing the words, feel the emotion and open yourself up to seeing where that can take you. The most important thing is to stay relaxed and to not force images to come to you. You imagination is much more powerful than you think.

4. You can often see/feel beyond the surface of people often going deeper into insights that they themselves may not even be aware of. (Yes) (No) (Not Sure)

When you are clairvoyant, you can often see and feel your way through people and situations. This extra sensory perception can see through the masks that people often wear to cover up what they may be feeling or experiencing at the time. You can tell immediately if someone is being untruthful, deceptive, or have other motives in various conversations. You can often feel the emotion of others, even though they may be trying their best to hide them. For instance, when I was child, I could often feel the emotion of the adults that were smiling on the outside, yet hurting on the inside. When you have this part of your gift tuned in its like taking a magnifying glass to a situation and magnifying the buried energies that may not want to be seen or acknowledge by others. If you are a healer, this gift can support you in helping others to work through subconscious energies that need healing. Of course, when we go deeper, we are all in the process of remembering our true identity which is love. Remember love is where our healing begins. If you would like to expand this gift, look intuitively into the eyes of others when you speak with them. Connect on deeper levels by connecting with the energy of the soul. Pay attention to what you see. What do you see and feel with your heart?

5. You often see things before they occur or when asked a question, you can often see what will unfold before it manifests on the physical plane. (Yes) (No) (Not Sure)

Someone who is deeply clairvoyant has a unique ability to time travel into situations or events. They see flashes of the future or outcomes, based on their own decisions in life or the decisions of others. They are able to tune into an energy wave that sees probabilities as well as absolutes. When this gift is fine-tuned, the images and impressions can come in seconds with no need for deep meditation to get clarity. In a sense as mentioned, it can feel like time travel, as you project your consciousness into the future or past. A clairvoyant will be able to predict accurately the outcomes based on the energies presented, even down to detailed information that may be unknown to others, due to the energy blockages that often keep individuals from remembering their own expansiveness within. This is a gift that should be used with caution as there are times, we may rob others of the opportunity of their own experiences by telling them what is ahead. Even when we know things, it doesn’t mean we always reveal what is know. A spiritually mature clairvoyant will know when to speak and when to remain silent. If you would like to expand this part of your gift, you can simply ask to see deeper insights for your own life through dreams and visions. As you experience these personally, in time they will transfer to the waking hours of the physical plane. In time, flashes of insight will occur when you least expect it. Practice seeing yourself in situations before physically getting there. This will help sharpen this part of your gift.

6. You often tend to see your way through difficult situations, obstacles, or challenges. You are a natural problem solver, that won’t take no for an answer. (Yes) (No) (Not Sure)

Where most individuals struggle or stress over challenges, you have a keen insight to see your way through almost the most impossible situations. If someone says it can’t be done, you will naturally see your way around it with your determined heart and spirit. When others are struggling, you are able to gain immediate insights on how the problem can be solved, and why the problem showed up to begin with. You are able to see your way through the complicated patterns or mazes of life with relative ease. You are able to visualize the interconnectedness of all beings and their roles that they play for each other. You are able to see the perfection within the imperfections of people’s limiting beliefs or perceptions. In a sense, you are a master mind, of the divine mind, as you look at life through a different lens. You see things differently than most and see problems as opportunities to stretch your clairvoyant abilities. If you would like to expand this part of your gift, practice tuning into your communication skills by showing empathy for yourself and others. Practice listening and observing situations without any form of judgement or opinions. Ask to see the solution and see it resolving through love.

7. You tend to see the big picture in life, even though you also see the wisdom behind the little steps that often are needed in order to awaken to the big picture. (Yes) (No) (Not Sure)

Clairvoyant individuals can often see beyond what appears to be the day-to-day experiences in life. In a sense the smaller things may feel quite trivial when compared to the grander scheme of things. Often as children, they seem wise beyond their years, often speaking on deeper levels, offering insights that most adult may not have even considered. Clairvoyant individuals aren’t really interested in things that are fleeting in life. They tend to gravitate toward things that are deep, lasting and filled with divine purpose. They invest deeply in relationships and can see through the perceived limitations of themselves and others. In short, they are able to see through the physical illusions of life and into the heart and soul of the Universe. They know that they and all others are part of a grander picture of the interconnectedness of one and can tap into the collective consciousness of one. To expand this part of your gift, practice imagining the grander picture. If you could see through to the heart of life, what would your third eye show you?

8. You have the ability to foresee or perceive how conversations will play out, often knowing a person’s thoughts or even hearing them telepathically. (Yes) (No) (Not Sure)

When you are clairvoyant, you may have the ability to perceive the thoughts or actions of others while engaged in conversations. You may know exactly what they are going to say before they speak it and may even answer questions before they are asked. This can be quiet alarming to the person you may be speaking with. It’s like you have the inside scoop on the conversation before it has even started. You are tuned into body language, eyes, motions, gestures, and the unseen energy around people. You see the many layers that make up our idea of what constitutes conversations between people. To expand your gift in this area, pay close attention to posture, eye movement, body language, energy and frequencies around people, tone and pitch of voice, hand gestures, and of course tune into your third eye and divine mind of the loving God/Goddess within you.

So, there you have it. These are just a few of the clues that you may have the spiritual gift of being a clairvoyant, however, there are many more indicators that we could write about.

How did you score? Where you able to relate to at least one of these indicators that we wrote about? Perhaps with some, you aren't sure and you may wish to expand upon them by following through with the suggestions laid out.

I'd love to hear what your results are under this blog, or if you have any questions, feel free to ask or comment as well.

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Blessings of Light,

Leslie Paramore

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