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There are many who have healing gifts and may not even be aware of it. They go through their neatly laid out routines day after day, going through the motions, from the crack of the morning's light until they all fall into a sunset of well deserved rest. It can be monotonous, maddening and merry making at the same time. On the surface, this routine of life may feel quite normal because it's what we as a society have been taught to do, however, something beneath the surface may be telling you there's something missing, and that something may be the forgotten you.

Life is like a conveyor belt of milestone after milestone, checking off the boxes from infancy to adolescence. After all the boxes have been checked, we find ourselves suddenly having to make some very big choices based on very little experience with life. We somehow have to figure out what we think we'd like to do as a profession, when we barely even know where we fit in, let alone who we are. The pressure to fit in and find our place in a hurry can be intimidating to say the least. If one doesn't know what they want to do by the time they are in their senior year of high school, clearly there must be something wrong. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with the young individual facing indecision. On the other hand, we may what to consider that something is quite backwards about our continually demanding society.

As a professional healer, I have encountered so many individuals who have come to me later on in life, feeling displaced in a river of tears. Let me be perfectly clear, these individuals are both men and women. They've been stuck in a job for 20 plus years and they have no idea who they are. They have accidently lost themselves in the demands of what they thought they were supposed to be doing in life, and I, as an intuitive spiritual counselor am there to support them through a period of personal disorientation. I support them in making sense of the internal nudges they are feeling to leave their jobs or leave other aspects of their lives completely behind. Surprisingly, many feel called to move into a profession that involves caring for others: nursing, counseling, teaching, healing, music therapy, art, and other areas that involve awakening the heart.

Perhaps you are struggling with the same questions. Perhaps you are feeling displaced within your own life. It is for this reason I felt impressed to offer a quiz that can point you in a direction that may resonate more deeply with your life. Are you a healer? Take this quiz. If you can answer yes to 18 or more of these, you may be a healer.

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Answer (TRUE) or (FALSE) to the following statements.

I tend to be very empathetic, feel deep emotions or physical sensations as I engage and interact with others. (T or F)

So many people and at times even strangers, tend to confide in me with their problems. Take a number! (T or F)

I sometimes feel things so deeply that I tend to take on other people’s emotions which can sometimes cause me anxiety or cause me to feel heavy. (T or F)

I tend to know some natural solutions to people’s dilemmas and make their lives better, however, often neglecting my own emotional needs. (T or F)

I feel drawn to counseling, massage therapy, Reiki, chiropractic, physical therapy, or any other service profession. (T or F)

There is a history of healers in my family and I think I might be one of them. (T or F)

I tend to be very intuitive, with a heightened sense of awareness about situations or people. Seeing or sensing what most others do not. (T or F)

Sometimes I tend to take on too much. I have a difficult time saying no to people. I might need to take a class on saying no (T or F)

People tend to turn to me to help solve issues they are having. Sometimes I can feel dumped on or sometimes overwhelmed because of it. (T or F)

I tend to feel drained after I have been in large gatherings or crowds for a short or extended period of time. (T or F)

Small children and many kinds of furry, feathery animals tend to be drawn to me. Sometimes I think that even a porcupine would cuddle up to me. I’m that loveable. (T or F)

Complete strangers tend to share their life stories with me if I stand still for too long. They seem to gravitate to me with great interest and hang on every word….and me! (T or F)

I have been known to be very accommodating with guests that never want to leave. Hotel business maybe? (T or F)

I tend to have digestive issues, neck, or shoulder pains with headaches. Random aches and pains may show up for no apparent reason. Aren’t I too young for that? (T or F)

People tend to treat me like their personal oracle, seeking advice on things like relationships, family, jobs, or life changing events. I am thinking about getting a 1-800 number (T or F)

I have often felt connected with nature and everything around me. I'm magnetic! (T or F)

I tend to gravitate toward natural healing methods like plant-based medicines and Eastern healing modalities, feeling intuitively that the body knows how to heal itself. (T or F)

I tend to be attracted toward rocks and crystals or anything out of the ordinary. I can totally rock this! (T or F)

I have felt a buzzing or vibration sensation within my body that seems to come out of nowhere. (T or F)

I tend to love listening to, or reading literature that focuses on healing work, spirituality, science, the odd, unexplained or supernatural. (T or F)

I consider myself spiritual and seem to be connected to something supernatural that I may or may not be able to explain to people…. But maybe to aliens. (T or F)

I seem to know or see things that most others may not, having keen insight or unexplained wisdom beyond my human experience or years. (T or F)

I have gone through some tremendous hardships in life that seem to be more than most. I could write a best seller on suspense, drama or even a thriller. (T or F)

I seem to be able to tap into people’s lives and even see into the future. I am thinking of investing in a crystal ball. (T or F)

I have often felt like a stranger here, feeling different or peculiar, with my personal interests different than most others or my friends. (T or F)

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