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Today, I Choose To Live!

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Life or the Universe (You choose which one suits you) . . . offers each of us signs in our daily lives, however, the signs reflected back depend on our own conscious or unconscious choices. I also like to call these signs, the ultimate feedback of the intelligent Universe of God, to which a portion is also within you. Universal feedback let's us know how we are doing in life, because life, in essence, acts like a energetic, vibrating echo of sorts.

An analogy to demonstrate this concept would be the following:

Imagine standing in the midst of scaling mountains or open caverns, reaching upward into the unlimited sky. Imagine filling your lungs with air, in preparation for what you will shout out to the Universe, which in this case, is the mountain facing you. After inhaling, you push out your deliberate words of intention with an extra exerted force and effort. Then you move deep courage to the top of your lungs and yell, "Today, I choose to live!"

With your words exuberantly released through the still air, they find their destination and cascade willingly against the mountainside, dispersing everywhere. Within a split second, the vibrational sounds of your voice, echo outward into rippling tones that all of nature can completely absorb and also . . . remember. All your words are left fully intact, untouched, and exactly the way you consciously ordered them out of your preconceived thoughts and your verbal affirmations. First, the words echo back loudly to the surface of your ears, until they can only be heard faintly . . . and then you are surrounded by silence, or so it would seem.

Although this analogy appears to be simple, it is in fact profound when we apply it to our personal lives. We are energetic bodies, that send out rippling waves, as we are sleeping, working, playing, speaking, thinking, acting and interacting with the physical plane all around us. Even though we cannot physically see or hear these energy soundwaves, vibrating with synchronicity, or colliding with chaos, they are still very much out there, communicating with the ethers and apparently, the ethers have ears that listen very well; figuratively speaking, and metaphorically . . . amusing.

We were taught in society at a very young age that our choices have consequences. In the human world, individuals may label these consequences as rewards or punishments, depending on whether we have made good choices or bad choices, however, let's put that limiting thought pattern or ideology on the permanent, pause position.

It's true, there are natural and logical consequences for all of our choices from insignificantly small to infinitely large. For example, when we choose to overindulge in food, the feedback or consequence will more than likely result in a temporary stomach ache. If we rob someone, the feedback or consequence will be the loss of our freedoms for a time. If we choose not to arrive to work on time, we may loose the security of that particular job. No matter what the choice, the consequence of all circumstances are always temporary on the earthy plane.

In short, no matter how big or how small the choice, when it comes down to our choices, they affect our ultimate outcomes on multiple levels, even if the results of the outcomes cannot be immediately seen. Choice, whether base on our negative understanding of life, or our positive understanding of life, will result in the perfect feedback for our soul's journey, no matter what that looks like. It's so brilliant because receiving feedback based on conscious or unconscious choice, is void of all judgement.

So where are we going with this? What significance does it make whether you personally choose life, or roll the dice and leave your chances of luck up to the Universe?

The significance of choice in your life is huge, as you weigh out and determine in your heart what choices are working or not working in your day to day living. On a soul level, we all know exactly what we are doing, even if it appears that we are living a chaotic mess of a life, scrambled in a tumbleweed, with cottage cheese, and an uncontrolled tornado on top! How we choose to meet our experiences, is a great measurement of how far we have come through our spiritual growth and development, which is gradually leading us . . . or dragging us kicking and screaming to our eventual awakening, both individually and collectively.

If we are not consciously in alignment with our soul’s highest purpose, we will undoubtedly make choices based on confusion, fear, doubt, regret, shame, blame, or uncertainty as we are faced with any life decisions, big or small, and ultimately the result or consequence will be the same. It's a merry-go-round experience, and in time, you will eventually want to get off the ride that has left you displaced in life.

Up until now, it may feel like you have been wandering around in circles with similar patterns or experiences and with no real clear direction in sight, due to the choices you've made over your lifetime. In times past, you may have sought out others to point you to what they think would be the right direction or choice for you. It is important however, to get in touch with the answers within, for you ultimately know what is best for your life’s path and the choices that will ultimately get you there. That is not to say that others cannot assist you with possible suggestions, however, you get to choose what feels right for the highest intention of your soul's path and purpose. In short, you know what works and doesn't work for you in your life, and it's never, ever too late . . . to turn yourself around toward the direction of your knowing heart, where the Universe within resides.

There are many levels of awareness for you to consider when making the best possible choices for you. Be sure to use all of your keenly tuned senses to consciously acknowledge and feel the signs that are pointing you to choices that will work on all levels of your life; meaning spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Ask specifically for signs to be presented to you. Ask for signs that will have personal significance to you. You will know that you are on the path of your heart, when you are filled with great ideas, experiencing regular synchronicities, feeling more at peace, and led to make more conscious choices based on your thoughts, words, and actions. As you connect with the positive signs, based on positive choices now showing up in your life, move forward and encourage others to do the same. As you do, you'll find that having the freedom to choose will be a liberating and rewarding experience, no matter what shows up in your life.

And finally, be gentle with yourself as you explore the possibilities for your life. Remember, if you are left feeling a state of confusion or uneasiness, then it’s time to redirect your thoughts, words, and actions toward some other conscious choice. You are the master of your life and there are signs all around you, inviting you to step into your higher self, enticing you to partake in something wonderfully exciting and new. Dare to step forward into the unimaginable, dream of the impossibilities, claim the unobtainable, and you shall have it. Let this be your sign to move you forward.

Now say this with me, with all the energy that your heart and soul can muster up. Fill your lungs with air, and shout out to the Universe, these deliberate words of intention, with an extra exerted effort and force.

"Today, I choose to live!"

"Today, I choose to live!"

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