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Facing Fear - Free Zoom Call!

Here's A Riddle For You

What do most people have in common or what have most experienced in life at one time of another regardless of their religion, belief systems, culture, race, gender, or status in life?

The truth is . . . we have all experienced a fair dose of fear in life. What is fear and how can we possibly overcome it? We live in a world that promotes the energy of fear while frantically feeding off the emotions of the collective. Individually, fear feeds on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body, often leaving us paralyzed in life. We fear moving forward, which can often leave us feeling stuck.

For me, one of my biggest fears "used to be," Fear Of Being Seen. In a world that idolizes and celebrates well known individuals, or celebrities, I ran in the opposite direction . . . far far away from myself.

Starting with my childhood, I purposely hid behind the curtain of life whenever I could. It felt somewhat safe. The idea of living in a world so foreign to my spiritual senses once terrified me and I unconsciously chose situations that would continue to feed that fear as I moved into my adulthood.

Thinking back, as a child there were times that I rose above my fear. Something deep within, called me to rise up out of my forgetfulness. I was a very shy and timid child; hardly speaking in school and rarely raising my hand to answer a question. I would consciously count the minutes in the day where I would be able to return safely within the comfort and security of my home.

In 2nd grade I was met with a incredible challenge along with all of the other children. We had the unfortunate experience of having a teacher who was highly abusive. The teacher struggled with alcoholism, and would often use shame, ridicule, humiliation, and physical abuse to maintain her sense of control. Hitting children with a ruler, sitting them on a stool with a dunce cap on, standing them in the garbage pail with a diaper on, and other forms of abuse were daily occurrences.

Being an empathic child, I would have stomach aches daily as I could feel the energy of the situation in extreme ways. I remember my body trembling as she would walk by my desk, anticipating a swat over the head. However, what most shook me was when I saw this teacher humiliating the other children. It seemed that none of us had any power over the situation, or so it would seem on the surface.

One day something deep within me said, “Enough!” I dug deep within myself and found the courage to go home and tell my mom about what had been happening for several months. My mom spoke with the teacher and started volunteering at the school which seemed to have an effect for a time, however, with all cycles of abuse, the abuse eventually continued.

One day as I returned to school I was met by a few children by my locker. They were upset with me because I had revealed the unspeakable truths going on in the classroom. Their words to this day are still very clear in my mind. “Why did you tell? The teacher is really mad at all of us now!”

As I entered into the classroom, I did so fearfully. The class began in a haunting sort of way. The teacher abruptly called me up to the front of the class and began scolding me harshly in front of everyone because I had mentioned the unspeakable. The words are foggy as I try to recall what was said, however, I do remember her making me promise to never tell again. She also made me apologize to her and the entire classroom. I was made to sit on a stool with a dunce cap on my head for the entire class to witness. It was such a horrifying experience for a child who wished never to be seen or heard.

That day, I went home and I broke my promise. I told again. Just a couple of days later I had gathered some of my friends around me and I somehow had the presence of mind to encourage them to go home and tell their parents. The abuse had become much more harsh on the entire classroom. I somehow knew that many voices could create change. They promised with a pinky swear that they would go home and tell. Those few children joined me; a most unlikely child leader, in telling their parents what never should have occurred to any child. My mom also confronted the principal along with other parents.

We led our own rebellion against fear. As a result, the teacher was fired from her job.

If a timid child found the courage to create such an outcome, then the question is, what is possible for you? What are YOU wanting to break free from right now? What fear is holding you back from living your best life?

I could share many other personal stories with each of you and perhaps this is why I am feeling called to offer a zoom session where we can gather our hearts to talk about overcoming fear. I will be channeling information pertaining to individual questions and do my best to address concerns.

This is new ground for me, as it will be my very time facilitating a group gathering on zoom. For those who would like to attend, I ask that you send me an email with your expressed intentions to attend.

After receiving your email I will then send you the zoom link with the time and date.

With Much Love & Blessings To Each of You,

Leslie Paramore

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