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28 Signs That Measure Your Passion-Quiz

There are different levels of passion. Is your passion turned on and ignited? Have you ever taken a quiz on how passionate you are? What is passion anyway? After reading this short article, we invite you to take our "28 Signs To Measure Your Passion Quiz," where you can uncover what a passionate person looks like and feels like. Are you one of them?

When we hear the word passion, some might be tempted to think of it in connection to being intimate in a steamy, passionate love affair gone viral, yet the kind of passion we are referring to is becoming more intimately passionate with yourself and your life.

  • Your passion is what gives you your zest and drive for life.

  • Passion can move you deeper into trust without seeing the next step.

  • Passion can motivate you to do things you never thought you could do.

  • Passion can make you throw caution to the wind, causing you to take daring chances.

  • Passion moves you to create with your whole heart, might, mind, and strength.

  • Passion can drive you to go the extra mile when you think you can’t.

  • Passion can keep you awake, thinking about your next step.

"Passion can drive you wild with your imagination and make you once drifting dreams become an exciting reality."

Passion is the driving force behind successful individuals and their unique creations. When you dance with your passion, it is playfully alive and when you are connected to its energy, it becomes your playmate and friend for life. You lose yourself in your passion and lose yourself in time, for passion is your Soul living it's divine purpose, unapologetically.

If you've never felt this passion that we are writing about, no worries. You don't have to look for it. You can learn to connect to your personal passion with what you already have within you. You can tune into it by various feelings or sensations that arise within you.

"As you pay attention to the feelings or sensations that are easily brought to your attention, you become more aware of your passion."

For example, if we were to ask you how you feel about eating your favorite meal, you will more than likely feel various sensations within your body. These sensations can give you clues to the fact that you may feel passionate about that particular meal. Perhaps you find yourself first visualizing the delicious meal in your mind.

"It may be hot and steaming with tempting aromas, dripping with delicacy, and sizzling with irresistible flavors."

The image may become so real that you allow your other senses to come through. You can imagine smelling the aroma, and then you may imagine feeling the various textures in your mouth. You may remember the particular tastes associated with your favorite meal; sweet, sour, salty, bitter, or savory.

"Your senses literally bathe themselves in remembering everything you already know."

As a result, your body automatically feels triggered and is excited about the anticipation of eating your favorite meal. Without even thinking about it, you begin to salivate, and fixate on getting that meal to you as soon as possible to make your remembering, a reality.

"You just can’t seem to stop thinking about it."

Now, as you are reading this, you may find yourself salivating at the thought of your favorite food without even realizing it until now.

"Passion is a natural occurrence that can be a motivating force in your life to create the desires of your heart."

You can know if you are passionate about something by tuning into how your various bodies respond, meaning your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

"Your body will give you signals as to whether the energy of passion is turned fully on, rather dim, or completely turned off.

As you tune into each of your bodies and what they are signaling to you, you will be better equipped to tune into whether or not you are living a high life of passion and purpose, where you are thriving every day, or whether you are living a less than passionate life where you are merely surviving each day as it comes.


You Can Choose To Approach This Quiz From 2 Different Perspectives

Perspective 1: As you step into connecting with the wisdom of your inner passion, think of something that you are currently doing in your life and approach the quiz from that perspective. Your quiz results may determine whether or not to consider changing your current situation in life for something that will resonate on a deeper level with the passion that is begging to be realized and experienced fully.

Perspective 2: As you step into connecting with the wisdom of your inner passion, with something you have often found yourself wanting to create within your life, tune into that curious idea and approach the quiz from that perspective. Your quiz results may determine whether this idea that has been coming to you, could indicate whether it would be a passionate fir for your new life.


As you move through the quiz, answer Yes, Sometimes, or No to the given statements. For each given statement, give yourself 1 point for each answer. At the end of the quiz, calculate how may times you answered yes, sometimes, or no.

You can tally the points up in each individual category, (spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical) to measure the areas of your strongest passion. This can also point out whether these areas are equally balanced or also point out imbalances between these areas.

You can also add the points up as a whole. For the entire quiz, add up all your "yes" answers together, all your "sometimes" answers together, and all your "no" answers together. If you have more no answers than yes, or sometimes, then it may be time for a change. Remember, this is a test that you can take multiple times as you reassess your passion every few months.

Yes indicate that this is a passion that you tend to experience often and consistently.

Sometimes indicates that this is a passion that you have felt from time to time.

No indicates that this is a passion that you have not yet experinced, but hope to.