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Your Channeled Message For July

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Messages are all around us as we open our eyes and hearts to receive them. This message channeled for those who find themselves reading this in this moment in time.

Many have internal struggles that have weighed them down to the point of wanting to give up. Repressed emotions can create a silent world of deep-rooted pain which often encompasses a heaviness that can feel impossible to navigate through. Feelings of loneliness and isolation can capture any dream and make them seem unreachable and unobtainable.

This message is for you. No matter what, don’t give up! Most importantly . . . Be gentle with yourself. Keep being the very best version of you and never ever give up on the possibilities of the new beginnings that are waiting to be revealed to you.

Every sunrise is a sign that hope is rising within the deepest parts of your heart, as you wait patiently for the birthing of a new you.

If you feel like you must give up, here's your message and permission to do so. Give up any crowding doubt and replace it with the vision of possibilities, just around the corner of your view. If you must give up . . . willingly give up the things that have been weighing on your mind and heart; things like judgment, bitterness, regret, shame, blame, or anything that is robbing you of your inner light and your birthright to know joy.

Release your pain to something beyond yourself. Call it God, The Universe, The Unknown, The I AM. Call it whatever . . . but for the sake of your own health and well being, . . . call it with every ounce of your entire being and believe that it hears you through and through! Just give it all up. Give it up and get it out!

As you find yourself giving up in this way, you invite a deeper kind of trust to filter through you. Giving up is the same as letting go, often giving the endless elements of the Universe permission to work out the finer details on your behalf. Some may call it, “Divine Intervention,” or “Letting go and letting God.”

Letting go of everything that you are not, invites disorder to find order. Letting go invites any imbalance to find its way back to balance. Letting go cuts the energy cords of entanglement as you free yourself from spiritual imprisonment and emotional bondage. Letting go, supports your heart in surrendering to an unseen plan designed for the growth and benefit of you. By letting go of unhealthy external influences, experiences, situations, and people, you free yourself from the attachments that have kept you in the dark. You free yourself from your own internal battle, so peace can enter in, for the greatest battle you will ever fight is within the walls of your own soul.

As you willingly surrender and let go, clouds of doubt and negativity lift, while freeing your mind from any lingering doubt or confusion. Your light becomes brighter, and your life magically becomes more peaceful. Crystal clear clarity enters in, inviting you to move forward with unlimited grace.

So . . . who is it that has had so much power over you that they consume your thoughts and limit your potential for unlimited possibilities? And who has given them that power? Who has kept you from the uniqueness of you? Who has kept you from knowing who you are? Who has kept you from loving you? The answer is . . . “YOU” You are the master of your reality and also, your ultimate destiny.

When you truly let go of all expectations, allowing the holy flow of life to coexist within you, marvelous and unexpected things unfold. When you empty your old self, blessings fall abundantly on a fertile heart, ready for new seeds of hope to take root.

Choking weeds of envy, jealousy, insecurity, or lack wither away with ease. You become an empty vessel of perfection, wanting for nothing. Grasping for nothing. Needing nothing. Being still. Being open. Being naturally free as you were born to be.

Clear your space. The space within you. The space within your heart. Countless blessings are being created beyond what your physical eyes can perceive in this moment, yet they can appear at any given moment, as you are open to receive. In truth, miracles happen when we get out of the way, and become the way for them to occur. You are a powerful creator destined for greatness.

Life is filled with many chances. Chances to greet a new sunrise and chances to create change within. Begin now. Let this be your sign. As you create the positive changes within, by letting go, you will find that the external experiences and stimulus will also change with you.

What if the world did revolve around you? What do you see unfolding within your view?

For further support in discovering your life's purpose as you learn to let go, please visit this link.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Leslie Paramore operates a private practice, where she offers sessions remotely and in person. She supports individuals on their path towards holistic health and wellness, mind, body and spirit. Leslie is a Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Purpose Coach, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and meditation recording artist. Leslie is also known for channeling intuitive messages from the spiritual realms for her clients. She loves supporting individuals in discovering their healing gifts. She is passionate about empowering the planet one heart at a time.

Subscribe to her website, to keep updated for course discount course codes, fun drawings, guided meditations, inspirational blogs, fun quizzes to measure your health and wellness, lots of freebies and more! :o) Also, be sure to check out our new online course landing page where you can obtain a monthly subscription for all of our courses as well as invest in individual courses.

May you be blessed,

Leslie Paramore

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1 comentário

Carol Atterbury
Carol Atterbury
29 de jul. de 2022

Leslie Thank you I truly need this message tonight about not giving up, As it is we always get the right message at the right time. Truly Appreciate, Thank you again, Love and Light Carol 💕

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