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To further your healing, we also offer online courses that empower your mind, body and spirit. Students from around the world are expanding knowledge about healing mind, body & spirit.


Our online course, Heart Centered Reiki, rated in the TOP 1% of 94,680 courses, by CourseMarks, which is one of the largest digital course review sites with 94,680 independent reviews. 



Lina M.

 Though, I'm a healer, I was not open to learn Reiki until I read about your course .  I can feel your sincerity and I can see how much love, heart and soul, you put in this course. This course has definitely helped me in healing myself and others miraculously. The purging, and cleansing was immediate. Blocked decades old wounds started bubbling up, and healing happens. I'm feeling recharged, lighter and better. Thank you for making the world a better place just by you being you and honoring your gifts by teaching it to the world. 

Jennifer H.

This has been an absolutely amazing experience with Your Angelic Symbols for Healing Course. I will definitely be using the Angelic Symbols in my Reiki practice. Leslie Paramore is one of the most heartfelt and sincere teachers I've encountered; she radiates love which is part of what makes this course so great. The symbols are a really unique and powerful modality and fit so perfectly with Reiki. I will definitely be taking more of Leslie's courses. Thanks and many Angelic blessings!

Liz S.

I cannot thank Leslie enough for creating this wonderful experience in energy healing. This course has truly been enlightening and taught me to connect to energy that I never thought possible for me. Leslie's dedication to teaching and healing is apparent in the detailed lessons and helpful exercises. Additionally, she gave thoughtful feedback each step of the way and really helped me to connect and be inspired. She is truly an angel here on earth and we're all very lucky that she has chosen to share her gifts.



We are living in unprecedented times. Individuals just like you are going through life challenging shifts toward their spiritual awakening and ascension. As a result, many are experiencing broken relationships, anxiety, changes in belief systems, and extreme levels of uncertainty. As humanity moves toward evolved states of consciousness, our old lives are being dismantled as we move into a new age. "The Art & Signs of Spiritual Awakening - The 21 Signs it's Your Time," will support you through your personal life challenges. Just how awake are you?

Other Healing Services


In Person or Remote Sessions Available

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It promotes healing, increasing health and vitality, reducing pain, and many other health benefits. 

Package 1: One Hour Reiki Session Session Fee $75.00

This can be facilitated in person or remote.  

Package 2: Chakra Balancing & Reiki Session Fee $125.00

This package includes a written report for your chakras.


A session using NLP (a branch of psychology) can create more positive outcomes for a your emotional health well-being. Working with your subconscious mind, using specific language, we can reprogram old beliefs that are holding you back from your best life. 

$85.00 per 1 hr. session- In person or phone consultation. 



 The benefits of massage are numerous, however in particular, is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. If you suffer from anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, insomnia, soft tissue strains, joint pain, or any physical pain associated with muscles, massage therapy can help.  $75.00 per 1 hr. session.  


Reflexology is a modality where gentle pressure is applied to various areas of the foot that correspond to organs and systems of the body. This modality reduces pain and psychological symptoms, such as stress and anxiety.  $65.00 per session.  



Cranial sacral therapy is a non invasive therapy that relieves compression in the bones of the head, sacrum (a triangular bone in the lower back), and spinal column. Through the gentle manipulation of the bones in the skull, spine, and pelvis, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the central nervous system can be normalized.

$65.00 per 1 hour session


Free your mind with these FREE GUIDED MEDITATIONS, produced and recorded by Leslie & Scott Paramore, for better sleep, reduced stress, greater clarity, increased emotional peace, and much more. Simply click the music icon below to subscribe to our free guided meditations. 

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