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15 Simple Ways To Overcome Anxiety

In todays collective and individual realities, there are many facing the inner turmoil of fear or what some refer to as anxiety. To go through anxiety is not a pleasant experience, as it can affect individuals with a variety of symptoms depending on the individual passing through it. There are no doubt planetary energy shifts occurring at this time and also, within you.

Many, like yourself, are feeling the rising energy shifts of this planet. Internally, it can feel chaotic or unsettling because the planet is also shifting frequencies to higher vibrations of ascension and like it or not, so are you. On a higher note, it is important to clarify that there is nothing “wrong” with you. Your body is raising its energetic frequencies to match the frequencies of your soul connection to this planet. These energy shifts, although sometimes unpleasant, are designed to support you in awakening to your true origin and spiritual identity.

For the purpose of this article, we will explain the word, "anxiety" in terms of energy. "Anxiety is an entanglement of emotional blockages within the body that have been repressed over a period of time. This repressed energy is restricted in movement throughout the body, preventing a naturally balanced integration of flowing energy that is

necessary for optimal health and wellness. The energy blockages affect an individual on many levels; creating disconnects between the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies."

The energy blockages within the body affect the chakra systems, organ systems, and meridian lines which we will call energy highways throughout your body. To learn more about the chakras or energy wheel of the body, go to the link below to take your chakra vitality test.


A few indicators or symptoms of anxiety or unchanneled energy within the body are the following:

  • Shortness of breath

  • Hyperventilation or rapid breathing

  • A racing or pounding heart

  • Tingling over the body

  • Inner panic within the mind

  • Sudden mind fog or confusion

  • Intense negative emotions like crying

  • Sudden loss of appetite

  • Sudden sensations of nausea

  • Internal and external shaking

  • Numbness over the body

  • Feeling overheated or flushed

  • Restlessness mind, body & spirit

  • Feelings of unexplained agitation

  • Lack of sleep or inability to sleep

  • Weight loss in extreme cases

  • Hair loss in extreme cases

  • Depression in extreme cases

Although the list above may seem overwhelming even to read, you'll be relieved to know that there are some practical, yet simple things that you can do to bring yourself back into to a space of inner peace and balance. The key to your success is your desire for change, coupled with daily consistency in implementing some of the suggestions laid out in this article.

This overloading of repressed emotion/energy must find its way to the surface to be released, and it can be helpful if you give it permission to do so. This repressed emotional energy may have originally rooted itself in childhood trauma not healed and may have continued to build into your adult experiences.

As a word of caution, is best not to overthink or focus on the origin, as this can often magnify the anxious energy in question. What would be most beneficial for you is to simply trust that the energies surfacing are long past due and are ready to be compassionately released with your permission right now.

Thankfully, there are ways to balance the excess energy by redirecting it. To move you through this as quickly as possible, we will outline some helpful suggestions for you in this material that you can easily integrate into your life. Do those that resonate with you, and also, remember to tune into yourself and ask what other things could potentially support you through this process of releasing unchanneled energy/anxiety.

1. EXERCISE DAILY: Exercise daily to move the energy through you. Walk, dance, run, jump, swim, bike, or anything that involves some form of movement for your physical body. Although at first glance, it may appear that exercise would increase your energy, it can directly support the outward channeling of the excess energy you once carried within you.

As I have channeled energy within my healing work, it tends to elevate my energy, so I have found that daily movement is a critical part of keeping inner balance. Now, if you have excess energy within you, either positive or negative that is seeking to find a venue for release, movement is a wonderful way to to release the excess energy. Move it to lose it!

2. USE MANTRAS & POSITIVE DIALOGUE: As you move your body, use positive affirmations, dialogue or mantras in conjunction with the movement. These are simply positive statements that you will create to support your belief systems or thoughts about your experience. Many are aware that it has been shown through medical studies that our belief systems can directly affect how our body responds to us. For instance, patients unknowingly given a sugar pill or placebo instead of real medication, have been shown great improvement merely by their beliefs.

Now, getting back to the idea of using affirmations, it is suggested that you create your own words of affirmation, because your body understands your language and is specifically attuned to the formulation and frequencies of your thoughts.

To give you an idea of what an affirmation might look like here are a couple of simple examples. “Pure energy flows through me calmly and effortlessly.”

“I am a powerful being, now creating balance in my body.”

Keep in mind that, our minds are powerful tools that our body believes as we channel thoughts through ourselves. When we speak or think calm thoughts, our body can learn to respond to those thoughts, just as easily as you are now responding to this material presented to you. You're doing great! Keep reading.

3. EAT SEVERAL BALANCED MEALS PER DAY: As you move toward calming and directing the excess energy within your body, you would benefit from eating several balanced small meals throughout the day. Integrating small food portions every three to four to hours will redirect the excess energy toward your digestion. When you balance your meals into smaller portions of food, you balance your body and also, this new practice will assimilate calmer energy needed for proper digestion.

Smaller meals are easier to process, creating less stress within your body, placing it into a more relaxed state.

In contrast, when you eat larger meals, it places your body into an overdrive state, which causes digestive stress. Digesting large amounts of food overloads your digestive system with too much energy that is eventually stored as an unnecessary excess of fat within your physical body. If you are truthful with yourself, you will agree that excess weight is connected to all aspects of who you are, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

As you now begin to easily integrate smaller food portions more often, you will find that this action redirects the excess energy you once felt. You will be amazed at how the simple process of the awareness of digestion will create an energy of relaxation and a more balanced relationship with food.

4. DRINK SEVERAL GLASSES OF WATER PER DAY: In continuing to support you through the excess energy that you may have been feeling we would also recommend drinking 4 to 6 glasses of pure water per day to support the natural flow of hydration that is needed to support your body’s river systems of energy.

When you sufficiently hydrate, you expand the capacity of energy within your body, which supports your body’s ability to perform in a healthy and balanced manner.

We can look at water as a great conductor or communicator of energy that supports your body’s natural energetic flow through your cells, tissues, and organs. Water supports your body in a vibratory communication on all levels, so instead of reaching for the soft drinks filled with stimulating caffeine and addictive chemicals, gravitate to the natural source that was intended to be a part of your body.

As an additional note, it has been shown scientifically, that water holds molecular memory. Along with drinking the water, you can also imprint the water with positive thoughts before drinking it.

If this concept of molecular memory is something you would like to investigate further, I would highly recommend becoming familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work, “The Hidden Messages in Water,” which can be watched for free on You Tube.


5. PARTICIPATE IN GUIDED MEDITATIONS: There are many ways you can support your body through these vibrational shifts of energy. It can be helpful to induce a relaxed state by listening to and participating in guided meditations, which are designed to balance the mind, body, spirit connection. Your job is simply to place yourself in a space free of distraction, in a comfortable position and in a place of openness to receive.

If you’ve never participated in a guided meditation, it is simply a specifically designed dialogue often accompanied with music where the participant is guided into a relaxed state to move stagnant or blocked energy within the mind, body, and spirit.

I have many guided meditations available on You Tube where you can enjoy the results while you are awake or asleep. Simply go to the link below to begin your relaxing journey with guided meditations created just for you, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


6. STRETCH OR PARTICIPATE IN YOGA: In addition to guided meditations, you can also practice simple yoga or stretching to get your energy going and flowing. You might think that this suggestion sounds too simple or maybe even too good to be true, however, being a licensed massage therapist and energy practitioner, I can share a simple analogy with you that I often share with clients who come to me with aches and pains in their bodies.

I will tell clients how their bodies are kind of like slinkies. A slinky is a long toy made out of circular plastic or wire that can expand or contract depending on how we move it from side to side.

In a funny sort of way, all bodies are just like slinkies. Just like my clients, your body can also be compressed or expanded depending on movement or non-movement.

For instance, if you rarely stretch or move, your physical body can quickly become compressed and restricted like a tightly closed slinky. On the other hand, when you take time to stretch or move your body, you are in essence stretching or expanding that slinky energy and encouraging it to open for better energy flow and greater mobility. So, you can now relate to how the analogy of the slinky fits perfectly into stretching your body. Get ready to stretch the excess energy and feel it leave your body as you open yourself up to do so.

7. GET A MASSAGE OR REIKI SESSION: Another thing you can do to balance the energy within your body is get a relaxing massage or a reiki session to balance your energy systems. Remember that slinky we talked about? In my private practice, I have worked on individuals who have literally gained an inch or two in height after just one to four sessions. As I have released the muscular restrictions or blocked energy within their body, their internal slinky has expanded, leaving them feeling lighter and freer. It’s amazing how our bodies can expand when we allow the tension to be released.

Reiki alone can also create greater energy flow, relaxing the body and calming the nervous system. In my private practice, I have many clients around the world who have enjoyed remote Reiki sessions with me. To learn more about Reiki you can read my blog articles below.



8. PRACTICE SELF LOVE WITH REIKI ENERGY HEALING: Practice self-healing and balancing with Reiki energy healing daily. If you have not yet learned Heart Centered Reiki energy healing, I strongly encourage you to do so.

"Heart Centered Reiki is a natural energy healing modality that can be a part of your everyday life for greater balance, lightness, peace, and freedom. This universal life force for healing is available to everyone, and its energy supersedes culture, religion, personal belief systems, gender, or anything that might seek to divide one from the presence of divine love."

There is something beautiful that happens when we practice self-care on a consistent basis through Heart Centered Reiki energy healing or what I know as divine love flowing through you from the Universal Consciousness of God. It's a language and energy that every single soul is attuned to and in the process of remembering.

As you learn to communicate and integrate the physical sensations showing up in your body, it will bring greater balance between your mind, body, and spirit. You will also have a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you do so. With that increased knowledge, you can then offer Heart Centered Reiki to others. Perhaps there is a Reiki Master in you just waiting to be discovered. If you are an existing Reiki Master, I would encourage continued healing and self-care daily. As a Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, I have personally seen countless individuals all over the world find deeper healing for themselves.

To learn more about Heart Centered Reiki energy healing and its benefits see the link below.


9. GROUND YOUR BEAUTIFUL BODY: One of the most beneficial things that you can do to transmute this excess energy coursing through your body is to ground your body daily. Place your bare feet on the earth or in a stream for at least ten minutes. The benefits of grounding are numerous.

If you’ve never heard of grounding, you can think of it this way. You are an intricate being of light frequencies created in bioelectrical form, living on an electrical planet. Wouldn’t it make sense to plug into the frequencies for a naturally balanced charge?

Your heart, muscles, immune system, nervous system, brain, cells, and every aspect of you transmits multiple frequencies. Keep in mind that everything and everyone around you also puts out various frequencies. Some frequencies like radio waves, electromagnetic waves, ultrasound waves, microwaves, etc. can pass through you. These frequency waves can create an energetic entanglement which can be compared to static on a television.

If you’d like a clear channel within your circuitry system, connect with the earth in conjunction with the Universal Light & Love of God. The negative ions and frequencies of the earth are designed to connect with your physical body, while at the same time, supporting you in releasing the positive ions in your body to restore its balance. Grounding has been shown to balance energy, induce calmness, reduce inflammation, and support your body’s immune system to heal faster.

A wonderful documentary on grounding can be found on YouTube, by Clint Ober.


10. PRACTICE THE ART OF LOVE & FORGIVENESS: And finally, we save the best practice until last. Let’s energetically release you from any buried emotion that may be trapped in your body by forgiving yourself and others. Practicing compassion, kindness, and love will benefit you greatly, as those alone hold an energy of peace.

When we look at the emotional and mental aspect, repressed emotion can create feelings of anxiousness. Think of a pressure cooker, which is a special pot that seals in the steam. The steam builds up, cooking the food. Let’s face it, our bodies were never meant to be pressure cookers. Imagine all the negative repressed emotions building up steam in your own body with nowhere to go because you refuse to let go of them.

Are you getting the picture? Forgiving yourself, practicing kindness, compassion, and love, invites the steam of repressed emotions to be released little by little. As you do this you will feel lighter, calmer, and freer.

Many of these practices are taught in my online courses to help support you on your healing path. To learn more about our courses, see the link below, now available in an easy and affordable subscription package for all.


We've got your started with some great ways to bring your body, mind, and spirit back into balance. If you are feeling inspired to create even greater balance and calmness within your life, some additional things you can do to reduce anxiety are the following.

SET CLEAR BOUNDARIES: If you find yourself taking on too much in your life, learn to set boundaries, and say, no when you are feeling overwhelmed or before you feel overwhelmed. Setting clear boundaries can create inner balance while engaging with others in your life, and also, creating time and space for you.

PUT YOURSELF ON A TIME OUT: You live in a busy world with over simulation of your senses. Road signs, television, phones, sounds, people, and countless other disruptions and distractions to keep you from your inner peace. Take time to be alone daily and focus on being still with no stimulation around you. Listen. Simply listen to the voice of peace.

SOCIALIZE WITH PEOPLE YOU LOVE: When you are spending time with people you love, it can release endorphins called, pheromones' which are the feel good hormones. It can give you an energetic lift, as well as comfort through pleasant conversations and time well spent being with someone you love.

TAKE TIME TO PLAY DAY: If you've been caught up in stress, one of the best remedies is to take time off from the adult world and play! What does play look like for you? A walk in the park, a funny movie, a warm drink with a book, a soak in a warm bath? It's up to you to create time for a play day! Doing so will elevate a huge amount of pressure and let your inner child come out in more ways than you could ever imagine. It's contagious. Go play!

PRACTICE DAILY SELF-CARE: If you've got a busy life, you may be neglecting your own personal needs. Practicing self care is so important, as there are many roles that you play that can potentially pull you in multiple directions as you offer others care. Remember to return the same to yourself as you practice loving ALL of you, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Self care could mean, taking time for you to meditate, alone time, healing time, or anything that will elevate your life, mind, body and spirit.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to move away from anxiety while bringing your life into balance and inner peace by integrating the suggestions within this article. As an additional support, I would also like to personally invite you to subscribe to my website, to keep you updated for course discount course codes, fun drawings, guided meditations, inspirational blogs, fun quizzes to measure your health and wellness, lots of freebies and more! :o) Also, be sure to check out our new online course landing page where you can obtain a monthly subscription for all of our courses as well as invest in individual courses.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Leslie Paramore operates a private practice, where she offers sessions remotely and in person. She supports individuals on their path towards holistic health and wellness, mind, body and spirit. Leslie is a Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Purpose Coach, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and meditation recording artist. Leslie is also known for channeling intuitive messages from the spiritual realms for her clients. She loves supporting individuals in discovering their healing gifts. She is passionate about empowering the planet one heart at a time.

May you be blessed,

Leslie Paramore

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