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We come into the physical plain, basing our experiences on the physical things around us, completely unaware that there is more to life than meets the eye. As our awareness expands, we come to understand that there is energy all around us. The field of energy around you is called the aura. Now, what you might not understand is . . . this isn't "Hippie Language." Scientifuc technology has allowed us to see the unseen through electromagnetic imaging, thus capturing the amazing spectrum to the aura. Distortions can be seen as well as harmony, depending on the experiencing of that individual. Our body's literally record our emotional experiences within the fields of the aura. Below are the seven "known" fields of the aura, however, I have a hunch that there are more than likely more mysteries than what the eye can see.

The Etheric Body: The 1st energy layer is only 1/4 to 2 inches beyond your physical self. Electromagnetic imaging generally shows as a bluish hue in the aura. The etheric body vibrates and holds information pertaining to one’s physical health, so energies in this layer will often duplicate what is within the body.

The Emotional Body: The 2nd energy layer extends about 1-3 inches from the body, with bright combinations of rainbow hues, however, the field can appear dull and muddy when negative emotions or feelings are present. This is the layer where your feelings reside.

The Mental Body: The 3rd energy layer extends from 3-8 inches from the body, often associated with hues of yellow light, radiating around the shoulders and head, and sometimes slightly extending into lower regions of the body. This layer containing your ideas, mental processes, and thoughts.

The Astral Level: The 4th energy layer extends about 12 inches from the body, and strongly correlates with the heart chakra. This field often displays a wide variety of color, yet in loving individuals the hue of pink is often seen. It is known to be the bridge to the spiritual realm and is the doorway to the beautiful astral plane.

The Etheric Template Body: The 5th energy layer extends about a foot and a half beyond the physical body, resonating deep, blue hues. It is thought to be the template for our physical body and co-exists in a different dimension. This layer is often visible to advanced healers and clairvoyants. This layer is a building block of healing the lower etheric body.

The Celestial Body: The 6th energy layer extends even further often appearing as bright, shimmering opalescent colors. Communication with the spirit realm and feelings of divine love and a connection with our fellow man become reality, while working with the heart chakra. The Celestial body can be connected to as we raise our vibrations, level of awareness, and divine consciousness.

The Causal Body/Etheric Template: The 7th energy layer extends 3 to 5 feet from the body. This is the mental level of one’s spiritual plane and contains all the other bodies within it, thus all encompassing. This layer represents a reflection of everything your soul has passed through. Here you accept your oneness with the universe and link to the divine consciousness. An egg shaped energy that pulsates and vibrates at high speeds that are considered the Zero Point or God Force Energy.

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Tarun Saini
Tarun Saini

Amazing piece of information.

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Akshat Bakliwal
Akshat Bakliwal
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