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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Like it or not . . . we are all part of a sacred web called, life, weaving in an intricate and unexplored universe called, divine love. No matter how we choose to weave this web, whether carelessly or recklessly, whether individually or collectively, our intentions span outward, deeply connecting us within the eternal realms of knowing and being. In the process of remembering how to weave the web wisely, life holds the divine and spiritual intelligence to feel even the slightest vibration, whether positive or negative in its architectural structure. So, what can we do right now, as we take up our portion in weaving this universal web of light? Curious? Read on.

Humanity is evolving, despite uncertainty and the behaviors of the external world. We are being called to step into accountable ways of being; now tearing down the shadowed web of belief systems willfully constructed by external influence. We are now being asked to turn inward for instruction on how to weave our portion of the web with divine wisdom and light. As we turn our hearts into remembering, we may at times feel the vibration of struggle and discord as humanity seeks to know itself on deeper levels woven in love consciousness. Despite this natural struggle, despite this resistance, there is a natural order and birthing to all things.

The truth is, we are not trapped in the web of forgetfulness, struggling against needless fear. To resist the web is to invite opposing energetic friction into our lives; weakening us, limiting us, and creating a false sense of division. We are in fact, consciously or unconsciously creating the web together, spinning our lives, one day at a time, one thought at a time, one word at a time, and one action at a time, each of us designing our portion of perceptions and realities. Over time, portions of the web may get erased by the winds of change, or damaged by our own doing, yet, in our hearts, we know that we must begin again and again, to preserve the web of life which will ultimately be perfected within the hearts of humanity.

To embrace the web is to invite harmony, strength, peace, love and a unity for all souls weaving their unique portion. What will we choose to spin today within the delicate fibers of our soul's being? Will we choose love over fear? Will we consciously choose to weave a web of compassionate, understanding, forgiveness, hope and also, weave in the extra mile or two? No matter what you chose as a web weaver, you will no doubt witness and feel the ripple effect of your creations and the creations of those who weave right along with you. The power of our collective intentions and influence is creating positive change for humanity. Let us weave our golden threads wisely.

Leslie Paramore, Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher.

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