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We often hear individuals speaking about veil that keeps us from remembering our true spiritual identity. What is this veil that gets thrown around so loosely as if outside of ourselves? The concept that our physical bodies act as a veil, might be new to you. The physical body, or our vehicle that we use to express ourselves in this life can feel heavy and dense. It is genetic makeup is organized with slow, denser frequencies, as we make our way through this physical plane. We feel good when we lose weight because we tend to feel lighter and freer to a limited extent, that is.

What if I told you that our bodies are always changing and evolving in frequencies and that by changing the vibrational frequencies of your body, your body will naturally become lighter energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Curious? Continue to read on.

As we consciously choose to connect and commune with Universal Consciousness, or divine love, we invite the veil or our human physical bodies to be lifted of its slower, denser frequencies. By consciously doing so, this transforms the genetic makeup of the physical cells, inviting them to shift in vibration at the much higher and faster frequencies of divine love and light. The oscillation, or back and forth movement speeds up. This shift creates an energy of lightness, which in tern becomes more permeable and receptive to the frequencies of the heaven within expanding. Furthermore, it opens refreshing windows of insight and spiritual wisdom.

As we awaken to higher frequencies of divine love, we create a beautiful reunion between the heavens and the earth within. I bet you can probably guess where the meeting place of this reunion is. That is right, the heart chakra - the central place for enlightenment. The heart serves a bridge between the upper chakras, (the heavens) and the lower chakras, (the earth) Inviting the upper and lower chakras to merge at the heart, invites them to become one in vibration. This transformation, literally creates a new body, a new day, and a new way of truly seeing you and your life for the first time.

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