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Have you heard the new buzz word? It's quietly moving its way through the many regions of the world, and is relatively new to the western world.

There are many views on meditation and how to practice it. Might I suggest that you do not have to sit perfectly still to be in a state of meditation. When we meditate, we are essentially cultivating a new awareness of self. In a fast paced world we are learning to slow down, to pace ourselves and to breathe. We are training the mind to stop being easily distracted and instead be more focused in the present moment. The present moment could be sitting by a stream an watch the rippling waters. The present moment could be quietly washing the dishes or the present moment could be simply focusing on your breathing.

The most restful form of meditation is through sleep. Try out our meditation below and enjoy the many available meditations on this site.

Leslie Paramore, Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher.

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