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Ready Or Not!

What's keeping you distracted from YOU? What's slowly edging YOU away from creating your mark in the world? What's keeping you from living the greatest desires of your heart? I think you would agree that in answering these questions, many would blame their circumstances of life on a whirlwind of external forces that they have had no control over. We've all played the blame game at one time or another in our lives, and then something unexpected happens; we begin to wake up to the truth within us.

Ready or not . . . the world is ascending and evolving exponentially in spiritual consciousness. To some this statement may be unclear and leave them shrugging, while scratching their heads with a perplexed look on their face. What does this statement mean exactly?

To put it simply, your soul is energetically waking up and your internal wake up alarm has sounded. You are now being guided to expand your awareness of the life around you and your ability to master it on many levels. The days of blaming are now over, and you are now in the drivers seat of your life. Does that sound scary to you? Ready or not . . . it's happening, but don't lose heart . . . believe it or not . . . you are more ready than you might think.

You are a multidimensional being, who came here to experience life in the physical. You are housed in a physical body, that we will refer to as your earth vehicle. Until this point, it may seem like you've been in Driver's Education School, learning to navigate your way through the twists and turns of life, not to mention the bumps and bruises along the wayward road. It hasn't been easy. You may have started at point A with the intention of getting to point B, however, you somehow missed the destination marks due to life's many distractions and your personal belief systems about yourself. Many times you may have found yourself being displaced in the fog of the mind and left wondering how you ended up at an unpleasant destination. It's not what you wanted . . . or was it? Often what you think you want . . . isn't, and you are left dissatisfied with your hasty choices.

Being dissatisfied with your life can be a good thing. It is through these uncomfortable feelings, that a desire for change comes. You realize that the way you've been navigating your way through life, has lead you to a serious of dead ends, detours, or what may appear to be unexpected accidents, but let me reassure you, there are no accidents. Every experience has been designed to wake you up to the reality of who you truly are. Through these awakening discomforts, you are expanding your ability to move through the life that you once thought you were and into your new life . . . ready or not.

The truth is, you have always been ready. You were born ready. You have always been in control of your life and it's outcomes, and you are now just waking up to it. As a soul, you had pre-life agreements to play certain roles here, and eventually learn to navigate your way through them with higher states of consciousness like forgiveness, compassion, love, empathy and understanding. As you are now learning to apply these ways of being, your heart awakens to the truth that you have the power to heal yourself, and others, and to see through the illusions of this world. And while some may still be caught up in their spiritual amnesia, you are now awakening and the symptoms and indicators pointing to that are now apparent . . . ready or not. At this point of your life, just because it may feel like you are losing your mind, don't lose heart.

Losing your mind can be a good thing, as you allow the shedding of the ego to fall away, making room for your heart to expand to its fullness. Your mind may throw a few tantrums as you gradually take control of your life. It's to be expected, however, every tantrum eventually ends, as we pay less attention to it. Through your awakening process, you are becoming more sensitive to the external world around you, and this will create changes in your life, as your heart awakens to it's full potential. The internal world of your soul is expanding and the external world is crumbling . . . ready or not.

What are the indicators that you are waking up to the ascension of your expanding heart? My latest book, "The Art & Signs of Spiritual Awakening - The 21 Signs it's Your Time," can support you in discovering what indicators you are having and how you can successfully navigate your way through them.

As you view your life changes from a soul level and understand that everything in your life has been and is being orchestrated by divine design, you will be able to breathe easy as you take the helm of your life and steer yourself in the direction of your divine heart. Making accountable and conscious choices is empowering. It moves you out of victim and surviving energy, and opens the way for you to thrive on so many levels.

What keeping you distracted from YOU? What's slowly edging YOU away from creating your mark in the world? What's keeping you from living the greatest desires of your heart? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Ready or not . . .

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