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Everyone at one time or another has experinced pain in their physical body. Perhaps those sudden bouts of pain show up sporadically, or daily. No matter what the case, pain acts like an unwanted intruder, often resisted and questioned by most who have experience it.

When it comes to pain, perhaps you've explored many traditional avenues to get to the root of your pain with no real results. You may have undergone the typical things that most have been subjected to when faced with pain like getting an X-ray, MRI, Cat Scan, EKG, bloodwork and a myriad of other available tests that could possibly somehow explain your pain away. Despite tests, perhaps you are one of the many. Perhaps you have come up empty handed with questions still haunting you as you wrestle your way through the emotional and mental pain often associated with physical pain. Let's face it, life can be painful, however, the good news is, it doesn't have to be.

I'm not going to lie. For many years I wasn't aware that unexplained physical pain could also be linked to unresolved emotional pain. Does this sound like an out of the box, crazy new-age idea? Let's go deeper than that. Think about the last time you had a stressful day. Where did you feel it? Where did the pain show up in your body? Did it show up as tension in your shoulders, or perhaps a tight pressure across your brow, or as a gnawing ache between your shoulder blades? Depending on how you carry stress, pain can show up differently for everyone. Your amazing body is a digitized library of cells with several gigabytes of memory packed with an estimated 100 trillion cells. This intricate library of cellular data has an unlimited capacity to store all memories, including the forgotten traumas in the genetic makeup of your cells.

Heavy emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression, anger, resentment, or even difficulty forgiving, can not only lower the immune system, but also invite pain to take up residency within the body AND . . . ANYWHERE in the body. Given this, it's not unusual for doctors to scratch their heads, trying to figure out the mystery behind pain that can't be seen through expensive medical machinery. When we get right down to the root of some pain . . . we are faced with many questions. "How can an EEG or any medical equipment possibly reveal emotional pains such as depression or anxiety within the body?" The truth is, they can't. The silent emotional pain often goes unnoticed or ignored until physical pain suddenly erupts without any regard for the comfort of the person experiencing it.

Most of us have heard doctors ask at one time or another, "On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?" The patient is now under pressure to put a number on their pain. The question is, "How does one put a number on one's level of physical pain and disregard the rest?" What about the emotional pain, mental pain, or spiritual pain hiding beneath the surface of the physical pain? The truth is, modern medicine has been doing its best to help individuals deal with physical pain connected to various diseases, yet, they are now linking dis-ease and unexplained pain to much deeper issues. Eastern medicine has linked the relationship between emotion and disease for centuries, therefore, treat the whole individual to get to the root of the problems, whereas western medicine is just beginning explore these avenues. The good news is, the healing of the future looks promising as we explore the whole body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

So, what is this connection between emotion and disease? Emotion can be viewed or defined as, "Energy in motion." The energy flowing through an individuals body can be positive or negative. Most often times, however, it can be a mixture of both, depending on how each person processes their life experiences. For example, two people could have the same experience yet choose view it differently. Let's look at the experience of divorce. One person who has experinced an ugly divorce may choose to carry feelings of anger, resentment, bitterness and regret, which will most definitely create disharmony with their body and emotional blockages, which in turn can create a great deal of heaviness and stress. On the other hand, another person may have experinced a peaceful divorce and has chosen to view it as a liberating experience, having moved past a relationship that was limited and unhealthy. They have deep gratitude for the experience and the lessons learned. It's like outgrowing an old pair of shoes and not just any pair will do when choosing to now walk a healthy life style.

Energy blockages or unresolved emotions within the body can sometimes create pain, dis-ease, discomfort or illness, which can leave one feeling powerless and detached from their innate ability to heal on multiple levels. Individuals literally forget who they are and instead, when disease, pain or illness strike, individuals will often claim it as their own. They begin to lose all memory of how it feels to feel great. They begin to identify themselves as being that thing that appeared to suddenly intrude in their life. Individuals lack the understanding that as they speak it and claim it, they unknowingly become it. They become the intruder and attack their own body through their thoughts, words and actions, thus their life becomes a cycle of entangled emotion with physical symptoms attached. For instance, someone may say, "I can't walk far because I have arthritis." Over time, they continue to speak restrictions and limitation into their body and the body listens to the programing being recorded. Our bodies are indeed intelligent and align to whatever belief system is attached to it. It's can be hard pill to swallow, because it requires one to take emotional accountability for their life and their personal healing.

Whether it's physical pain from injury, emotional/mental pain from trauma, or spiritual pain from simply feeling lost in life, my joy is supporting individuals in evaluating and working through what is causing their pain. The truth is, you don't have to live with pain. There are many ways that we can address your pain for complete release or offering tools to lesson its affects or heal it completely.

Who would you be without your pain? What would your life look like? How would you show up in life for yourself and others? If nothing were holding you back, imagine the possibilities for you.

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