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Masking The Issues In Our Lives

We have all worn masks in our lives at some time or another. I'm not talking about the global masks that are currently being displayed on faces regardless of race, culture, religion, or gender. That is another story for another time. Let's continue with the kind of mask that can be emotionally debilitating if we don't stop masking our unresolved, buried emotions.

For various emotional reasons, individuals from many different walks of life, conveniently keep a secret stash of masks in their closet. These masks are invisible, and can make one appear to look a certain way to others, yet, internally, the person may be feeling quite the opposite. The pressures from society have conditioned humanity to over preform. It's in essence a masquerade party to the extreme.

For example, how many times has someone been going about their usual business when a question from a well meaning person unexpectedly interrupts their day. "How are you doing?”

Individuals will often muster up their best possible smile, inwardly stuffing their feelings of self-doubt, fear, unhappiness, feelings of emptiness, or a million other concerns pecking away at their mind. In panic, they quickly dig into the secret stash within their closet, put on the appropriate mask, and step into the appropriate role playing, depending on the person they are speaking to. Ready, set, mask! This triggers the other person to put on their mask as well and the saga begins day after day after day.

There are many different kinds of masks: the brave mask, the confident mask, and the happy mask, the jokers mask, the indifferent mask, and the list goes on. If you can identify with some of these masks, they can affect how others see you and also how you see yourself in the mirrors of life. If you have gotten in the habitual wearing of invisible masks all your life, you may not even recognize the real you because you've been pretending for so long. Your ego mind has temporarily managed to desensitize and possibly even derail the true essence of your emotional self, which is derived from your heart. You are so much more than the masks you've been wearing, but the masks have been masking the heart that is waiting to reveal itself to the world.

So, why do individuals put on these illusionary masks of endless trickery? The root cause is “FEAR.” Fear of judgment, fear of exclusion, fear of being found out and a million other reasons pecking away at their minds. Masks being manifested become a matter of survival, hiding away what is authentically true and real. Being authentically true with self is important, and acknowledging what's going on inside of you is truly the beginning of healing. To be authentically true, lifts the debilitating masks and frees the individual to move into an expansively expressive version of themselves. It gives the heart room to breathe.

If you've found that you have struggled with wearing masks and you are tired of pretending, and ready to get real with yourself and life, that's a great start! It will be the breath of fresh air you've been waiting to come up for. Acknowledging your true feelings is a way to clear emotional energy that no longer wishes to be a part of your inner world. Talking about it and releasing it will take you a step further into unveiling your true self.

Your masks cannot fool the universe. It does not mask the energy frequencies that you are sending out, no matter how hard you try to convince the world. The secret stash of masks have long outworn their time. So the next time someone asks, “How are you doing?” Simply answer truthfully. It's okay to show vulnerability. Doing so creates authentic relationships and builds trust. It's safe to feel and it's also safe to heal.

The truth is . . . you are much too beautiful to mask the real you. You might be surprised at the open responses you get from those you unexpectedly encounter, as you cast your masks aside and face life fearlessly head on. Go ahead. I challenge you to be unapologetically you and in time you'll find that your infinite light will light up the world of masks just waiting to be tossed aside by the onlookers. It begins with you.


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