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Do you remember the very first time you rode a tricycle? Once you learned the coordinating skills associated with riding it, you no doubt felt empowered and excited at the thrill of this new way of movement. You seemed to glide over the paved sidewalk with ease. You could make it go fast or slow. You could go in any direction you wanted, depending on which way you turned the handles. It was the perfect little world for a two year old. The once new tricycle was bound to have the occasional tumble. Perhaps the unexpected crashes forced one of the wheels out of alignment, but you still rode it; this time with a little more concerted effort. We ride imaginary tricycles in life, often times with wheels unbalanced. Imagine trying to ride a tricycle that has one, two, or three wobbly wheels. Although you may still be able to ride it, the ride would not be very comfortable. Unfortunately most travel through life, completely unaware that there lives are out of balance on multiple levels. They become accustomed to functioning with stress or pain as their constant companion, until they come to a place where it feels so uncomfortable that they are forced to do something about it. Our lives can be a balancing act and like the tricycle, can feel a little wobbly at times, however, regular tune ups can make a huge difference through various health modalities like massage, cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, and Neuro- Linguistic Programming to name a few. Getting aligned with bodywork through various modalities can create a greater sense of balance on a mind, body spirit level.

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