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Getting Over Being Buzzed

I will never forget the very first time that I experienced a buzzing sensation within my body. It was several years ago now. I remember sitting at the computer doing my usual writing when I felt a vibration sensation within my hip area. At first, I thought I had left my phone on vibrate in my pocket, however as I felt down toward my hip, I realized that there was nothing there. I then noticed that my cell phone was conveniently placed on my desk where it normally was.

The only way that I can actually describe this sensation that I am sharing with you is exactly the way I just described. The vibration kind of feels like a cell phone buzzing within your body. You can feel it internally and externally. Initially the sensations are short bursts of vibration that can show up anywhere in the body. When this first happened to me, I had no idea what this strange phenomenon was, however over the years it increased in frequency and duration. Over time this sensation spread throughout my body into a low humming sensation.

The interesting thing is, these vibrational sensations began long before I knew anything about healing work, and this phenomenon that we know as ascension or waking up. These shifts were occurring within my physical and spiritual body long before my mind was aware of it. The very fact that this was happening, underscores the intelligences that are working behind the scenes through our period of soul and body integration, destined for ascension.

Often when I conduct an in-person session with clients, I feel this energy flow coursing throughout my body as I channel divine energy for healing. My hands will often heat up as my crown chakra rotates, allowing the energy to filter through and communicate with the client on a mind, body, spirit level. The following day I will check in with a client to see how they are feeling after our session. More often than not, they will remark, I feel a buzzing sensation within my body, or I feel increased energy moving through my body. Now, in many cases, this is often the first time that a client will have experienced such a phenomenon and initially it may be quite alarming to them, however, after explaining that it is merely energy moving through their body, my clients tend to relax. Sometimes I playfully joke and say, “Welcome to my world,” meaning, I’ve been feeling this for years and it’s nice to know that others are sharing the same experience.

Perhaps this is happening to you right now. Perhaps you too have found yourself mistakenly reaching for a cell phone that wasn’t on your body. Relax. Isn’t it a relief to know that you aren’t the only one experiencing this? The internal buzzing or vibration is merely your spiritual body activating or communicating with your physical body, lighting up those circuitry systems. Through this process, the direct communication between divinely intelligent light frequencies radiating from your soul commune or communicate with the energy pulses of your physical heart. The heart then sends out the information to the body in frequency wave forms that creates the buzzing sensation within your body. It communicates so deeply, that it can be felt right down to the smallest particle in your body. Through this, physical shifts are occurring within DNA structures, and the integration or merging of the physical DNA and spiritual DNA has begun its process, which can in most cases, take years to fully activate itself.

For myself, I have been experiencing this for about fifteen or more years now. Now, keep in mind that some individuals may feel these sensations more strongly than others, and some may have hardly noticed the sensations within their body. In fact, some individuals may be completely oblivious to the vibrations while they sleep, while others may feel periodic sensations throughout the day. The vibrating sensations may come constantly or intermittently, depending on each person. No matter what you may be experiencing or have yet to experience, it is important to trust the process and to relax with the flow of your DNA activation within your body. It’s an upgrade that although may feel foreign, is a completely natural part of your evolution as a human being. In my next blog, I'll share how you can bring all that buzzing in your body into balance.

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