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Updated: Jun 15, 2022

When was the last time you woke up ready to start a brilliantly beautiful new day? I am talking about getting up with an exuberance and deep passion to live your life the way it was meant to be lived. The truth is, it seems that lately most people go through life trying to keep their head above water, while desperately trying to hold onto their sense of serenity or sanity.

Life can feel like a juggling act as more and more individuals struggle to maintain a healthy balance in their lives with work, family, and the other elements of life. Short term, individuals may be able to muster up enough energy in keeping up with life's demands, however, long term, there can be consequences that inconveniently interrupt personal health and wellness. Either way . . . somethings got to give.

The truth is, I was not always a ball of enthusiasm and positive energy directed toward this thing we call, "Life." There was a time in my life where I was tired every minute of every day. Life was exhausting! I honestly thought everyone was like that; like it was part of the dense and debilitating human condition and it was my full-time job to live with it. In time, I got tired of being tired. I could no longer blame life on my feelings of being a limited human being.

Let’s talk about the gravity of this physical world, where so much emphasis is put on having enough energy. Billions of dollars are spent by people just like you who are looking for a quick fix for more vital and sustainable energy. No matter how much individuals seem to fill themselves with products, notions, and potions, they may find their emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical gas tanks empty at the end of the day. Such is the consequence derived from coping with ill equipped bodies coupled with the weighing demands of life.

Thankfully, as individuals move into deeper awareness, and become tired of being tired, results experienced can transform lives into more positive outcomes. Awareness is the healer, as we become aware of personal struggles and their root causes. It is only then that we can create a lasting, healing change in all areas of our lives.

Most people, like you, want to be happy and healthy, filled with energy and excited to start a new day, however, a key component appears to be missing. “How do we get there?” How do we get from an empty gas tank to moving through the interstate of life unscathed?

Your physical body can be compared to an interstate. It is a complicated infrastructure of energy highways that run through your veins, organs, bones, tissues, or anything that makes up the intricate parts of you. Keep in mind that your emotions derived from your life experiences, are also a part of that infrastructure along that energy highway. If we dissect the word, ‘emotion’ into two parts, it can also be interpreted as “E” equals energy and “M” equals motion” or simply put, “Energy in motion.”

Our emotions or perceptions of our life experiences are stored within the interstate our physical body. When explaining this sometimes-foreign concept to my clients, I simply ask one question that puts everything to rest. “If you have had a particularly stressful day, where do you feel it?” Some reply they feel it in their neck, or their back, or their feet. Everyone is different, just like there are different interstates that lead to different places in life. The question is, “Where are the energy highways in your body leaving you or leading you in your life?” Are you running on empty or are you ready to get up and go?

In our day to day living, we engage in various experiences that are stored within our mind. These external experiences are interpreted and internally stored as either positive or negative emotions. Positive experiences tend to elevate us as we think of them, like receiving some type of recognition for a job well done or an unexpected raise. We can think of positive energy as a free-flowing energy that moves along our body’s energy interstate easily and effortlessly. We get to where we need to go with no roadblocks interrupting the flow of our day.

Negative experiences, however, can invoke a lot of strong bursts of emotions erupting like a volcano, which can lead to emotional burnout, quickly draining your gas tank. The average individual will tend to bury negative memories within the mind, hoping the volcanic emotion will fade away with each passing day. The truth is, the negative emotion never really goes away, but lays dormant, stagnating over time until it shows up as a chronic pain in the body or what people call disease. If we dissect the word disease into two parts we are left with “dis-ease.” Negative emotion can also be interpreted as energy blockages or roadblocks created within your body’s interstate.

If you have ever been driving along the interstate and had the unfortunate event of witnessing the scene of a traffic accident, you are involved whether you want to be or not. Your vehicle stops moving, and you, along with hundreds of other vehicles are at the mercy of the experience. You are stuck. As a result, you may become frantic and impatient, because you want to get up and go to that place you are supposed to be. Thankfully, emergency services are called in for support to direct traffic and clean up the debris of the accident. Until that is done, you are stuck in the traffic jam of life. Having this awareness, how are you now dealing with the traffic jams within your own body and how do you direct the debris of negative energy to move so that you can get up and get going to the places you need to be spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically?

Thankfully, on some levels, your body’s interstate has EMS services on duty every day, clearing debris and helping your body systems to function in an orderly fashion. When you cut yourself, it heals naturally without any real effort on your part, however, it is the buried negative emotions that create the real problem.

As a Holistic Practitioner, I know firsthand the debilitating effects that buried negative emotions can have on individuals. Individuals complain of lack of energy, physical pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and various illnesses. No matter what the complaint, they can collectively be summed up to what I referred to as dis-ease within the body. Energetically speaking, these conditions can also be viewed as imbalances within the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. These imbalances create an energetic disconnect within the mind, body, and spirit which make up the whole component of who we are. We can use a simple analogy of a tricycle to explain this concept.

If you have memories of riding a tricycle as a child, if felt smooth, balanced, and safe. In time, and with some coordination, you learned how to ride along on the three wheels with confidence and ease. You could pace yourself, making the tricycle go fast or slow. You could get up and go in any direction you wanted to go. It was the perfect little world for a three-year-old, but then, an unexpected traffic jam occurred called life. We ride imaginary tricycles in life, often with wheels out of alignment within our true selves, as we give the external world way too much influence over our internal interstate of our life. External disagreements or conflict become internalized, then intimately personalized. We literally take ownership of the emotion derived from something outside of ourselves. When we are out of alignment with those negative bumpy experiences, our once new tricycle is bound to have the occasional tumble. Perhaps the unexpected emotional crashes in your life forced one of your wheels out of alignment, but you have learned to adapt and still ride it, but this time, with a little more concerted effort on your part.

These tumbles and bumps may have started occurring during childhood, perhaps the very first time you felt the energy of fear. And where did you store it? In your stomach, your chest, your mind, your heart? No matter where you stored it, it was stored right along the energy highway of your body because no one taught you to do otherwise. No one taught you how to call the EMS to recover the emotional trauma. The bumps and bruises often associated from life’s experiences erupt the volcanic energies of upset, blame, shame, regret, disappointment, anger, bitterness, or lack of self-love and forgiveness. Maybe this is how your life feels like right now, like a bumpy tricycle ride. Although you are still be able to ride your tricycle, the ride might be feeling extremely uncomfortable and maybe, just maybe, you want to get off and experience a new way of being.

Today, as an individual who specializes in empowering both adults and children on a mind, body, spirit level, I get up, eager to start the day with my get up and go, moving along the flow of life. I oversee the interstate of my body, directing the flow of traffic, fully aware of when a traffic jam might unexpectedly show up. I keep things in check, offering myself regular tune ups with a mind, body, spirit approach through Reiki energy healing, massage therapy, self-awareness, self-love, meditation, and the knowledge of knowing I was designed to be so much more than I think I am. This can be true for you too.

Every day is a new opportunity to gain awareness and where we can choose to become a greater version of ourselves, despite the occasional bump in the road. You too can experience a body that is free of debilitating pain, discomfort, or dis-ease. I invite you to learn and grow in awareness right along with me. Surely, we can learn and grow in ways that our interstates can be a beautiful integration of roads that connect energetically to offer everyone the get up and go and the energy it takes to move past merely surviving and into thriving along the grand interstate of life.

See what your possibilities are as you explore the options all around you to get you there. Learn, absorb, integrate and become the very best version of you. You are destined for greatness. For further support on your journey, feel free to explore my online courses designed to support you mind, body and spirit.

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Tarun Saini
Tarun Saini
16 jul 2021

Nice article. Thank you for sharing.

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Tarun . . . Thank you. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the article. May you be blessed on your healing journey. 😊

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Apoorva Gupta
Apoorva Gupta
03 jul 2021
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Apoorva . . . I appreciate your comment. Thank you.

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