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Celebration Launch Time!

We invite you to explore the process of your spiritual awakening with our new course,

"The Art & Signs of Spiritual Awakening - The 21 Signs it's Your Time." We present to you 21 signs of your awakening process and how to navigate your way strategically and successfully through them. In addition, we invite you to delve into newly channeled information that will boldly challenge your current belief systems and lead you to where your soul knows how to thrive. Discover the process of ascension and how it is occurring for every soul as our spiritual DNA seeks to merge and integrate with our physical DNA. Explore what parts of you must die in order to ascend to your highest self for rebirth, renewal, and an infinitely expanding life!

Individuals are going through life challenging shifts toward their spiritual awakening. As a result, many are experiencing broken relationships, anxiety, changes in belief systems, and extreme levels of uncertainty. As humanity moves toward evolved states of consciousness, our old lives are being dismantled as we move into a new age.

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