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There are times in our lives when our energy levels can be too high as we move through ascension symptoms, creating lack of sleep, anxiety, shaking, nervousness, or scattered emotions or thoughts. To keep things relatively simple, we will define ascension symptoms as, "Gradual or sudden changes in your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual state that creates new insights and awareness's that were not otherwise known." When one experiences such changes, the shifts in vibrational energy can feel chaotic and can at times make one feel like they are losing any sense of being normal. Some may even exclaim, "I feel like I'm going crazy!" Does this sound like you? Read on!

Let's talk about the energy around you. There are many energies competing or even demanding our time and vital energy. At times you may have felt this, feeling drawn away from the things that truly need your focus and your time. If the truth was truly told, everyone from time to time has been swept away by the negative energy of situations, the influence of others, or even through self-inflicted negative belief systems. It is a natural occurrence in life when we allow ourselves to be inundated by some of the lower frequencies of life. There are many external forces that can interrupt or sacred flow that is, if we let them. This can create the feelings or sensations that we briefly mentioned above. External forces like, the news and media, certain lower vibrational movies, negative conversations, or unexpected, negative occurrences in life. If you or anyone you know has been in a slump lately, and thinking more pessimistic than optimistic don't lose heart. There is an easily affordable and accessible solution. In fact it's free.

Some of you may or may not have heard of something called grounding or earthing. It is a term not widely know by most, however, as we become more aware of natural ways of healing and balancing our bodies, more and more will return to something so effective and simple, it's almost hard to believe. I personally have been consciously practicing this technique for over 3 years now and have experinced great health benefits like reduced inflammation in the body, better sleep, a sense of peace, improved circulation, reduced stress, greater conscious connection and so much more!

Our bodies are electrical vehicles because our bodies are electrical. You may be aware that our bodies receive and transmit electrical signals throughout our nervous system in order to properly regulate each of its natural functions. Think of the cardiovascular system as a superb example. Imagine the frequencies of the earth supporting your heart based energy, mind, body and spirit. Imagine taking the time to plug in to something so natural it can support your path to health and wellness. So what does it mean to ground? Read on because this could quite potentially change your life.

Grounding is so simple that anyone can do it. The natural practice simply asks for you to commit to it daily for the health and wellness of you. It cost you nothing but your willingness and a few minutes of your time. To ground, place your bare feet on the earth for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day. That's it! In committing to this practice, the resonate frequency of the earth will fill your body with negative ions, balancing the scattered energies that you unknowingly carry. When you ground regularly with the harmonic frequencies of the earth which is 7.83 Hz, the scattered energy you've been feeling will dissipate, inviting calm balancing energy to connect with you. The resonate frequency of Mother Earth matches that of the human consciousness at the optimal alpha brain wave state.

During this time of dis-ease and uncertainty in the external world, I urge you to move inward. Move into the beautiful frequencies of earth's natural healing gifts, which will charge you with the energies of flow, balance, peace, and grounding. As you do so consistently, you will truly know what it means to be naturally high.

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For additional information on the benefits of grounding, I strongly encourage you to watch a movie that could influence your personal relationship with the earth. The film shares the healing power of grounding, featuring grounding pioneer Clint Ober and also, author Deepak Chopra M.D., activist Amy Smart, and many other influential individuals invested in health, wellness, and human awareness for healing.

You can also learn more about the studies done with grounding by going to

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