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Are You Falling Apart?

I'm about to make a bold statement. "We have all been spiritually commissioned to become masters over our physical bodies, and then to also learn how to master our physical experiences in life." To have this awareness and to accept it, places sole responsibility and accountability on every individual who has ever walked on this planet. You are not entirely your body, yet your body is a very important part of you. Without a body, you cannot fully live or experience this physical world to the degree that you were intended to.

If you have ever felt like you don't belong here; that you have been casually thrown into a thing we call a body, chances are, your soul hasn't fully integrated with the magnificent design of your body. There are no accidents. You are here for a reason. Nothing is happenstance. Nothing is coincidental. Nothing is synchronistic. Everything is by divine design including the physical body you are currently housed in.

Now that you have this awareness these questions are brought before you to consider. Do you like what you are living in? What does your house or body look like on the inside and on the outside? What does it feel like to live in your physical body? If you could compare your body to a house that you’ve taken up residency in, would your house be up to date, well-kept and orderly, or a maze of cluttered obstacles and barricades that you’ve got to find your way through? Does your body feel light or heavy? Is it soft or hard? Is it flexible or stiff? Is it energized or tired? Is the space you are housed in appreciating in value or depreciating? Who is charge of your house and its upkeep, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually? Only you can answer these questions, for you are the keeper of your house.

Let’s take this a step further, if you purchased a rundown shack that needed some extra care and maintenance to make it livable, would you be content to live in that shack that was falling apart, or would you invest your time and energy in creating a better place to live? Would you not get fresh paint, carpet, or extra accessories to upgrade it's appearance? Perhaps you'd replace a few walls and rebuild part of the structures that weren't entirely stable. You would invest all you could to make your home a place where your heart could comfortably dwell. The question is, why do we spend so much time and money upgrading our earth homes, yet we have been consistently known to neglect our own bodies, the very thing that is essential for the expression of our souls? I think you can see where we now have some upgrades and maintenance to do within our own bodies.

Our bodies are intelligent, and they have ways of communicating to us when things are out of alignment, out of balance or literally falling apart. When our bodies are not functioning at their optimal levels, we experience pain, chills, fevers, stiffness, weakness, fatigue, disease, and in a worst-case scenario, our bodies die. Consider this for a moment: your soul holds a distinct vibration that was predesigned to merge with your physical body. Think of your soul as a master key that opens the portals of your physical body. It enters in as the keeper of the inn. As you begin to have awakening signs, you are scraping off the dross of this world, meaning the sludge, or things that no longer resonate with your souls’ journey.

Your soul is destined to return to its original state and place, and as it expands in love consciousness it begins to vibrate at a much higher rate. The side effects of that vibration affect the physical body in many ways, especially if we are not conscious of the state of our bodies. This is what we would refer to as the awakening symptoms you may be currently experiencing. Imagine if your soul had a mind or intelligence of its own, because it does. Imagine if your soul vibrated at the full capacity of its divine intelligence and light, with no thought or care for your physical body. With this accelerated vibration, the genetic makeup of your physical body would not be able to withstand the intensity of the vibration, to the point where your physical body would instantly disintegrate and return to the dust of the earth. Thankfully, your soul is patient, loving, kind and filled with divine light. Thankfully, your soul knows how to integrate with your body in divine and intelligent ways.

As we move into honoring our physical bodies that our souls are housed in, we will then begin a relationship that is destined to become one as we raise to connect with love consciousness. The relationship that you have with yourself is one of the most important relationships you will ever experience. What is energetically activated internally within you, will also be activated, and experienced externally. Your inner world reflects your outer world. The synergistic relationship you are meant to create between your spiritual body and your physical body is evolving as you make choices that will honor the highest integrity of both.

What will emerge when you break free from you limiting perceptions or belief systems revolving around ownership of your own physical body? Does your body own you, or are you willing to step it up and fully own your body? Who's in charge of your house and it's upkeep? Only YOU! If you've read this far, congratulations. Let's give you some tools that can support you in taking baby steps toward full ownership of your body. I would invite you to get a journal that will support you in taking ownership of your house. Keep reading. It could literally change your life and most importantly . . . save your life.

Let's look at your four bodies; the emotional body, the mental body, the physical body and the spiritual body. All are a part of your house, and on a more conscious level, all wish to integrate fully into one body. Making upgrades to your house can be an easy process by making one simple decision each day. The decision is based on one simple question.

"How will I choose to honor my body today?"

You have a multitude of choices in front of you. As you take action to honor one body, all bodies are affected. In your journal, begin by writing one thing you will do to honor your body that day. If you have the awareness that your physical body is struggling, you may want to place your attention and intentions on honoring that aspect of you. You can write down what you will do to honor your physical body that day. For example, "Today I will honor my body by going for a 15 minute walk." Once you have written down what you will commit to, DO IT! No excuses, no putting it off, no procrastinating! Go for that walk and let your senses come alive! Feel your body moving, breathing, and believing in the power of commitment, moving you toward personal empowerment and change! If you are feeling really ambitious, you can do one thing each day for each body. Do what you know you can absolutely commit to and follow through with.

Once you have followed through with your commitment, write down how it felt when you lovingly committed to doing something for your body. The beautiful thing is, as you do this every day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year, you are building the energy of momentum and your body will respond favorably to that! You will literally raise the conscious awareness of your body and believe me, your body will thank you in unimaginable ways. You will be able to go back in your journal and see how many times you followed through with not only your commitments to yourself, but LOVING YOURSELF! Just imagine how amazing that will feel as you create a new house to live in; one that feels strong, vibrant, and fully integrated and alive!

When you make conscious choices to honor your body, you are literally integrating all four bodies into one conscious lifeforce. You will no longer allow food to control you. You will no longer allow the external world to deceive you. You will no longer allow anyone to intrude upon or misuse your house. You will no longer allow yourself to self sabotage the house you've been blessed to own in this life. You are the keeper at the inn and no one can care for your house like you. No one can rebuild what you have broken down or neglected piece by piece over the years you've been here. No one but YOU!

The truth is . . . YOU ARE PRICELESS! There is no amount of money in the external world that you can borrow to rebuild your personal house. It's an inside job that requires commitment, time, and self love. Treat yourself as you would a child, for within you lives your inner child, waiting for you to build a house that is safe, secure, and filled with love.

As a way to support yourself in honoring your life and your body, you may choose to engage in my new book, "The Art & Signs of Spiritual Awakening - The 21 Signs it's Your Time." This book is designed to support you in gaining an awareness of what feels like it may be out of balance in your life. As you acquire tis knowledge, you can then then acquire the tools to navigate your way back into balance. Order your personal copy that the link below.

In this groundbreaking book, we invite you to explore the process of your spiritual awakening as we delve into newly channeled information that will boldly challenge your current belief systems. We will cover the process of ascension and how it is occurring for every soul as our spiritual DNA seeks to merge and integrate with our physical DNA. We will explore what parts of you must die in order to ascend to your highest self for rebirth.

Learn what it means to be superhuman. Learn what indicators, signs, or symptoms, may be showing up in your life, right now, or in the near future and how to navigate your way through them. As you immerse yourself into this information, you will expand your spiritual awareness by applying the practical, daily tools offered to support you on multiple levels. The time has come for you to shift with the vibrational changes of this planet. Just how awake are you? Read this book and find out!

"A true leader will direct and inspire individuals to move to the inner most parts of their heart where deep profound truth resides. It is there that the deepest healing can begin." ~Leslie Paramore

As I touch my heart daily, to the sound of Spirit, I always ask, "How may I serve today? How may I bless the lives that are divinely connected to my message? What can I do to make a difference within the hearts and minds of the collective consciousness? How can I point the way back to divine love?"

As Spirit directs me today, I am lead to offer a FREE Chakra Alignment Tools Course. Simply click on the link and enroll. Link expires February 4th!

May you be blessed knowing that every word typed in this article, had the vibration of divine love flowing through it, from my heart to yours.

Much Love & Blessings,

Leslie Paramore

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