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Amnesia Quiz- Forgiving & Forgetting Yourself

In a world that is a huge playing field of learning to remember the things we are taught from day one, there is an irony that keeps surfacing day after day after day. No matter how much we are expected to memorize and remember in life, we are all experiencing a deep spiritual amnesia as we exist on this physical plane we will refer to as, "The Earth School."

Any Soul who has ever found themselves being unexpectedly thrust into this world, has temporarily forgotten their true identity. We are invited to remember as we move through a process some refer to as, spiritual awakening, or ascension, however, "How can we possibly remember our true selves in a world steeped in such confusion and forgetfulness?"

Imagine having a friend who had an unexpected, traumatic accident - a blow to the head, resulting in a severe concussion. Consequently, they have next to no memory of their identity. They have lost track of time, the day, the year, their precious memories, their connections, their relationships, and all the juicy and not so juicy details of their life. To make matters even more complicated, they seem to have lost their complete sense of themselves and their true identity.

Upon examination of your friend, the doctors diagnose the condition as amnesia, by noting the symptoms present. Confusion or disorientation is evident, false memories arise, and pieces of fragmented memories are misplaced through the spaces in time. They note the loss of memory containing certain facts, valuable information, or personal experiences. Short term and long term memories are affected as well. In addition, one experiencing amnesia, may experiences, rage, anger, confusion, disassociation, depression, apathy, and a myriad of other shattered emotions. They may have highs and lows, placing them on an emotional rollercoaster of uncertainty. The healing prognosis varies depending on the individual. The memories may eventually return completely, be slightly fragmented, or completely lost all together.

The question is, what would you do knowing that your friend is suffering from this debilitating condition? Most caring individuals like you, would visit their friend, who is lost in a sea of forgetfulness. You'd talk to them about who they were, what they've done with their life, fill them in on their accomplishments, show them pictures, test their memory, or whatever you could possibly do to bring them back to what appears to be the real reality of life. You'd support them in seeing what they cannot see in that moment.

Let's take this scenario a step further. Have we not all experinced these signs and symptoms to one degree or another within our current lifetime? Are we not all experiencing another kind of amnesia called, "Spiritual Amnesia?" I think we could agree, we have a lot of remembering to work through individually and collectively. To what degree are you experiencing your own amnesia and how are you learning to remember your true identity? Who is your physician? Who is your healer? Who is supporting you in truly remembering?

As we resurrect from our spiritual amnesia, individually and collectively, we begin to see the light within ourselves and others. The shadows of forgetfulness begin to fall as the light and love of God filter through the temporary darkness within our minds and hearts. It's what we will refer to as waking up to the truth of all things - that all things are made within the image of God's eternal love. Through our own awakening, we come to understand that when someone acts out of character (which is simply anything contrary to the presence of love) they are experiencing this temporary phenomenon called, spiritual amnesia.

Let's get back to the scenario of your friend who had the head injury, for self-reflection. In becoming aware that your friend is suffering from amnesia, we outlined what any caring and loving individual, like you would do, however, with so many steeped in this condition we call spiritual amnesia, many do quite the contrary.

At times within our lives we have become angry when others have acted out of character, yet in doing so, we ourselves, act out of character, because we are acting contrary to love. It's a double edged sword that severs us from the love and light of God. At times we have turned our backs on others vowing to never look them in the face again, yet in doing so, we turn our backs on our own remembering, and our inner light. If at times when we have chosen to withhold love and support, that withholding keeps each of us imprisoned and tormented by thoughts that prevent us from moving forward into new and beautiful beginnings. When we vow never to forgive or forget a person or situation, we bury ourselves deeper and deeper, until we become the very thing we judged.

As a result, with each of these choices, we literally feed off one another's forgetfulness, when we choose to not remember the light of truth about ourselves which is, love remembering itself, through each and every one of us.

It can be painful remembering our true identity because it first involves remembering everything we are not. It involves going into the dark corridors of our own mind and heart, and digging up the bones that are dried and withered from anger, resentment, regret, bitterness, envy, strive, blame, shame, and any other energy that keeps us entangled in the web of lies we have been living. Even still, awareness is the healer and the doors of remembering are inviting you to walk through. What will you choose?

In outlining this condition of spiritual amnesia we invite you to take our quiz to measure your current levels of spiritual amnesia. If you can answer "yes," to any of these, consider yourself diagnosed with the temporary condition of, "Spiritual Amnesia."

Keep in mind, there are various levels of spiritual amnesia, depending on where you are in your life, however, all are eventually waking up. While reading through the list below you may also note that some of these things you have overcome, which is good news. In addition, there may be other things on the list that you are still working through shifting in your life. The good news is, no matter what your situation, this type of amnesia is completely curable.

For the list below, simply answer yes or no.

1. I have been confused about my life's path and my purpose. Yes/No

2. I have felt disoriented or displaced in life, like I'm a stranger here. Yes/No

3. I have past memories arise through dreams that seem to be a scrambled mystery. Yes/No

4. There are times in my life that I have lost track of time not remembering events. Yes/No

5. I have forgotten memories that will surface, yet it's difficult to make sense of them. Yes/No

6. My long term memory seem fragmented, as I can only remember certain things. Yes/No

7. My short term memory seems to be getting shorter as I live in the moment of now. Yes/No

8. There have been times where I have experinced anger due to external things. Yes/No

9. There have been times where I have experinced confusion, in not knowing. Yes/No

10. There have been times where I have experinced depression, as I have felt alone. Yes/No

11. There have been times where I have experinced apathy and/or helplessness. Yes/No

12. I have felt high and low as I have navigated my way through the path of life. Yes/No

13. I have felt periods of uncertainty as I have been faced with life's decisions. Yes/No

14. There are points of my life that I would rather forget, rather than to forgive. Yes/No

15. It's been difficult to find my place in this life. I feel like a misfit no matter what. Yes/No

16. It seems like the negative experiences in life outweigh the positive ones. Yes/No

17. I have felt disconnected from love, God, or any sense of support that is present. Yes/No

18. I feel envious of others because they seem to have their life together. Yes/No

19. I find that I have a hard time forgiving and forgetting negative experiences. Yes/No

20. I have a hard time connecting with people and would rather be alone. Yes/No

How did you score on your quiz? How many things did you find yourself responding, "Yes," to or how many use to be, "Yes." Now . . . the question is, "What are you ready to do about it?" Would you do for yourself, what you would do for a friend in the same condition?

Coming out of spiritual amnesia opens up a whole new life of new possibilities and choices. When you find negative situations arising that trigger you, uncomfortable emotions will be sure to surface. Over time, these emotions rise and they fall, often creating patterns that repeat themselves over and over again, if not attended to. With these patterns, you are either shedding new light into them for healing, or burying yourself deeper into that forgetfulness or state of spiritual amnesia. Your personal outcomes depend on your desire to feel and heal.

If you have been in judgement of yourself or others, you can ask yourself the following questions with the support and love of God which can be helpful in inviting the art of remembering the light that is edging its way through your temporary state of amnesia.

  1. What was the purpose of the experience?

  2. What new awareness's or insights did it teach you?

  3. How did it change you for the better?

  4. In what ways have you grown from it?

  5. How will you choose to meet similar experiences differently?

In addition to asking yourself the questions above, when you find that you are struggling, do your best to be patient with yourself and others. We are all in this journey together. Love yourself and others. Forgive yourself and others. Heal yourself and others. As you take the inner journey of remembering, your external experiences will shift and divine healing becomes available to all.

As you integrate these effective suggestions into your life, you will find that negative experiences will become less frequent and eventually, shifts toward more positive, flowing experiences with yourself and others will occur. In addition, when uncomfortable experiences happen to reveal themselves and you are finding that you are being triggered, give thanks, as triggers are emotions rising that are ready to be looked at and healed. The reality is, you are being trusted to work out the details of the situation with the love of God. Also, trusting that you are divinely supported can be helpful. Letting go, and then letting love work out the unseen details of deep pain or trauma can be freeing. Your invitation in any case, is to forgive yourself and others to lift the veil of forgetfulness once and for all.

None of us know the lifetimes of journeys that every Soul has made, and it is for this reason, that no matter what the circumstances we can consciously choose love for self and others. Sending love to situations and seeing past the trauma of spiritual amnesia can be beneficial for all concerned. Love shines a light that can penetrate the darkest of spaces, waking those who have been asleep within the depths of spiritual amnesia.

If you are reading this, chances are you are awake enough to be drawn here. What will you choose to do with those who appear to be suffering from spiritual amnesia? Will you remind them of who they are by being the light that you are? Will you hold space for them and yourself? Will you forgive them and yourself? Will you answer the call to rise up to your own spiritual remembrance? Will you claim your birthright? Will you be reborn through your awakening?

You are a powerful creator, filled with unlimited potential. Breathe and Be. Invite the Holy Flow of abundance and remembrance into your life. Trust in the lessons of all experiences, regardless of how they are showing up. What matters is how you choose to show up amidst them.

For continued support on your journey, we invite you to visit our online courses page where deeper insights for healing can be experinced. Discounts are available upon request.



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