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How are your energy levels? Do you wake up energized or tired? Science has shown through electromagnetic imagining, energy wheels known as chakras lie within the auric field of every individual. The chakras run from the crown of the head, along the spinal column to the base of the spine. They regulate and govern energy throughout your physical, emotional and spiritual body. When balanced, chakras rotate clockwise. The seven major chakras are:

1. Crown Chakra - Your ability to connect and communicate with higher consciousness.

2. Third Eye Chakra - Your ability to be intuitive or have insight.

3. Throat Chakra - Your ability to speak your truth and own your voice.

4. Heart Chakra - Your ability to give love and receive love.

5. Solar Plexus Chakra - Your ability to be empowered and confident.

6. Sacral Chakra - Your ability to create life and the life around you.

7. Root Chakra - Your ability to to feel safe and secure in the world.

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