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7 Ways To Create & Magnify Abundance Within Your Life

We live in a world where we are either living in a reality of a survival mind-set or a thriving heart-set. Which are you? You be the judge. In the worst-case scenario, if you are in a survival mind-set you may feel numb inside, bullied by life, anxious or worried about the future, lacking sleep, impatient, easily frustrated, powerless, and overwhelmed by even the thought of facing a new day.

Limited ways of thinking and feeling may have you feeling trapped in a maze of decisions, with very few options in front of you. You feel like your choices are few and that even when you choose something, nothing seems to be working out. The external world seems to have a pull on you and anchors your heart; keeping you from truly realizing what is waiting on the other side of this thing you have known as survival.

"You may feel confused or indecisive when it comes to making even the smallest decisions, because the truth is, when you are in a survival mindset, you feel small and powerless over the monstrous life that appears to be devouring any sense of your hope, security, or joy."

No matter how bleak this may sound, or feel, there is another side of life that is waiting for you to rise up and answer the call to your abundant life.

"When you are living in a heart-based reality, your life takes on a whole new meaning, as you live in what we will refer to as, “The Holy Flow.” In this space, there is a divine connection to something so powerful and magical, that cannot truly be described in words, yet we will do our best to paint a picture of such a reality.

While in a heart-based reality, you are learning to become master over your own reality, as you co-create outcomes with a Universal energy force that is known to many as the light of God or Universal Love Consciousness. "This profound energy has the power to ignite, fuel, nourish, inspire, and exponentially expand your abundant reality in beautiful ways." Events called miracles occur frequently and synchronicities line up like golden nuggets, leading you to your divine destiny. The experience of life is music to your ears as you become the master player of your very own orchestra, as others play their instruments right along with you.

With this new reality, you are rooted and grounded within your heart, balanced, and present in the moment. "Despite the thing you once knew as the external world, you are creating a whole new world, with the ability to shift timelines, as you create a new reality for yourself and those you perceive as others." You feel supported on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and everything in between. This is what we call joy! Your chakras are fired up and you wake up to greet the possibilities for each day, for every day presents an even greater opportunity to be the very best version of love in human form. Peace is your inner compass and trust is a sail that moves you forward into greater and greater inspiration.

As you move forward, old pieces of your life ultimately fall away, yet even this you welcome, as you bow down to divine transformation in the highest possible form. There lies within you a deeper understanding and a greater clarity that resonates reassurance to your mind, and a profound freedom to your heart . . . to let go, and let the omnipotent love of God create a masterpiece within you.

Seemingly once thought as former obstacles, now transform into opportunities as you are able to see life from many angles and perspectives. "You find that gratitude is a comfortable space of contentment that invites greater ease and far less effort on your part." The struggle is over. You become an instrument for all that is good, allowing that flow to move through you with every thought, word, and action.

As you move through the Holy Flow of abundance, you come to a new realization that everyone is playing the roles designed for them and you according to the divine plan. The dividing lines of duality fade and you become one with everything, from the tiniest microscopic particle, to the entire scope of the world and beyond. "You no longer see yourself as a separate, yet intricately connected to everything that is playing out past, present and future, to which there is none." All is one and all is eternal.

Over time, you find yourself creating paths of light, for the pure joy of doing so, inviting love to create its handiwork. There is no seeking, no wanting, no grasping, no wishing, for as the Holy Flow moves through you, it becomes an all sustaining force that completes every aspect of who you are and who you have always been. It's what we call remembering the divine love that you are. Your presence is here to grace the planet so that others may remember too.

In this process of inner transformation, we now will outline 7 things you can implement right now to create and abundant flow for your life.

1. Practice The Art of Gratitude: Gratitude says it all. Gratitude demonstrates that you recognize every little blessing in your life right now. First practice having gratitude for the simple things, and allow it to expand to greater things that are now preparing to manifest within your life. Lack of gratitude stops the flow of abundance. When you focus on lack, you create more lack. When you focus on gratitude, it's creating an open invitation for the Universal Love of God to bless you even further as you maintain an open heart. "What are you consciously grateful for right here, right now? Make a list, and add to it every day!"

2. Believe In A Universal Power: The power of belief can move any mountains of doubt within you. Pure belief in something supernatural and all powerful can lift you above the mountains for a grander view. There are many who associate a Universal power with God, who we will define as the presence of divine love. If love were that Universal power, "What would love want for you?" Would love not want the very best for you? Did not love create you? How then can you be separate from love? The truth is, the idea of being separate from love is an illusion of the mind and a breaking of the heart. "If Universal Love could speak to you today, what would it say? Write it down now and every day a conscious message from love."

3. Know That You Are Worthy: Many come to this planet void of the feelings of worthiness. Many feel that no matter what they do it is never enough, yet what or who constitutes what is enough? What gives you worthy value? Is it your possessions? Is it your status? Is it your accomplishments? Is it your reputation? Is it your stellar genius? Is it your ability to connect with others? What gives you value? Your presence here - that's it. Nothing more. Your presence is enough as you live a life worthy of the love that you are. Your presence is worthy and always has been. "Practice connecting with your worthiness and receiving gratitude as you listen to this guided meditation for your soul.

4. Learn To Cultivate Your Passion & Purpose: There are many who have been robbed of their true identity through the deep conditionings of life. External influences have told you who to be, and how to be, when to be, and what to be, to the point that the static noise has disconnected you . . . from you; or the inner most parts of your soul's expression. A wonderful way to ignite your passion and purpose is to rediscover who you are.

Your passion is what gives you your zest and drive for life. It’s what can motivate you to do things you never thought you could do. It can move you deeper into trust, throwing caution to the wind, and going for whatever, it is that you want with your whole heart, might, mind, and strength. Passion can drive you to go the extra mile when you think you can’t. Passion can keep you awake at night thinking about your next step before the next day even arrives. Passion can drive you wild with your imagination and make drifting dreams become a reality. Passion is the driving force behind successful individuals and their unique creations. When you dance with your passion, it is playfully alive and when you are connected to its energy, it becomes your playmate and friend for life. Are you ready to feel true passion? "Explore life, and begin with play. Get back to the child level and grow it from there. Have a "Me Day" and do something you've never done before."

5. Pay Attention To Your Surroundings: Your surrounding can give you clues as to what is showing up as a mirror especially for you. Little hints or synchronicities can speak volumes of abundant energy into your life. What mirrors are showing up for you? For instance, one early spring morning two beautiful doves landed on my back porch. I immediately asked, "What's the message?" I then heard an inner voice say, "Peace be with you. All is Well."

And just the other day I played with a butterfly and got inches away from it. It put on a spectacular show as it playfully fluttered around me while displaying its beautiful wing span. In that moment, my whole world was that butterfly, as I recognized myself within it's wings.

What mirrors are showing up for you? What glimpses of hope are you seeing as you view life from the space of love? Pay attention to the messages that are all around you, and listen intently with your heart.

6. Become As A Child's Heart: When you look at life through the eyes of a child, it becomes a place of wonder and curiosity. It's like having a fresh place to begin again, through the unadulterated eyes and heart of a child. Child energy is innocent, carefree, and beautiful. It is abundant, and expansive. It is loving and compassionate. It is empathetic and generous. These are the qualities you can aspire to have. If you wish to create this beautiful energy of abundance, watch children and see how the masters of the heart live fully and passionately.

We personally feel called to support the children and their hearts. If you'd like to learn more about the global change we are creating for children you can watch this short video.

7. Recognize The Good Within Yourself & Others: When you make a point of recognizing the good within yourself and others, you attract more goodness in your life. Choosing to see the silver lining within the clouds of everyone's forgetfulness will not only raise your energy levels of abundance, but also others. Imagine if you could be a light house, shining goodness on everyone your eyes catch hold of. Imagine what a difference that could make. Imagine if you could think of someone that you have chosen not to forgive, and for just one second allowed yourself to see the silver lining within your own heart, until it opened enough to see the silver lining within their heart. Imagine being a mirror of goodness so that others might see and remember their true reflection. Create the opportunity today to see the silver lining within others. If it would appear that they have no silver lining, extend a portion of yours. Your resistance to others is merely a resistance to yourself. Create abundant change and witness all silver linings coming together to create a path of one heart.

If you've made it this far. Congratulations! This is just the beginning of your abundance as you learn to integrate these simple concepts into your life. No one can do it for you. Claim it!

Live it!

Believe it!

Become it!

I am giving away $100 to someone who is creating abundance. Is it you? When you comment below on how you are committing to create abundance within your life, you automatically enter your name into a drawing.

Along with your comment, be sure to include your email in the comments & subscribe to be notified. Thank you! Entries must comment by July 1st!

Winner announced in my next blog article.

Blessings of Love,


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