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10 Tips To Sharpen Your Intuition

This may surprise you, but everyone is born with beautiful, divine sparks of intuition. Perhaps it was intuition that brought you to this blog, so that’s a great start! Intuition is a spiritual gift of inner knowing that opens up portals of awareness beyond what you can see in the physical world. When you learn to tune into and listen to your intuition, it magnifies your whole experience with life and where it can potentially lead you. Keep reading to get 10 quick tips to tap into your intuition.

Intuition typically happens unexpectedly. It can be described as that hint of a sixth sense, subtle or strong gut feelings, or an inner knowing that cannot truly be explained, unless you've experinced it for yourself. Being aware of your intuition, can bring it to the forefront of your life, leading you way beyond your ordinary five senses.

There may have been times that you have experinced intuition and didn't even realize it. As you begin to pay attention to some signs of intuition, you might be surprised to learn that you are more in touch with your intuition than you may have previously thought.

For instance, one day you may have found yourself thinking about a particular friend, for no apparent reason, and then later on that day they call you unexpectedly. I suppose in a sense you could say that you somehow managed to tap into invisible energy waves connected to your friend, giving you a nudge of intuition in the form of a premonition. A premonition is just a fancy word for being able to perceive something happening before it actually occurs.

Initially, you may remark surprisingly to your friend, “Wow! It’s so crazy! I was just thinking about you!” In time, as these sparks of intuition come in more frequently, the details will fill in and the layers of intuitive energy will unravel, introducing you to a new spiritual gift that has been eagerly waiting to be discovered. In time, you will know when someone is going to call you and it won’t be a surprise at all.

Intuition is something that happens outside of our conscious awareness. It is connected to the Third Eye Chakra, also known as your intuitive eye, which is located just in the center of your brow. Think of this center as your connection with the Divine Mind of God. Intuition happens when the third eye chakra tunes into and connects with the divine mind of God, which is also known by the phrase, "The all seeing eye." The more you tune into Universal Consciousness, or the I AM presence of God, the deeper you can tap into your keen intuition, which is more accessible than you might realize.

As an additional note, Chakras are energy centers within your body that are energetically connected to your multiple body systems. If you would like to know more about the chakras you can enroll at our online course, Chakra Alignment Specialist which can support you in learning more about your chakras and their specific roles in your life.

You can also take our fun chakra quiz here. Take My Chakra Quiz

As your intuition seeks to make itself known, you have two choices. You can listen and act upon it, or you can ignore it and shrug it off as nothing. Most people do that latter, not really paying much attention to it. It could be that they’ve never been taught to listen to it, and this is why it is not implemented in their lives, however, imagine if it was. By tuning into your intuition, you can be guided further to create a life of deep purpose and fulfillment.

Let’s outline some ways that you can learn to tune into your intuition or turn on your inner guidance system. As you implement these quick tips, and are consistent with them, you will find that your ability to be intuitive will most definitely increase.

1. Listen Beyond Your Five Senses: When you allow yourself to be still long enough to actually listen, it invites your intuition to be activated. Take time in the morning to connect with your understanding of God, Love, The Universe, or Divine Source or a loving power greater than your current human self. As you find yourself connecting, it can be helpful to ask for guidance as you go about your day.

You can start by asking to tune into intuition or the Divine Mind of God, and be still enough to hear the answer. When you wake up in the morning, tune in, and ask a simple question. “Who am I being guided to connect with today?” Then take a moment to be still, and tune into the answer. If the answer doesn’t come right away, it’s okay. Perhaps at some point in the day you will unexpectedly start thinking of someone and then, that’s your cue to act! Practice listening by doing this daily.

Your Daily Practice: Take time in the morning to connect with your understanding of God, Love, The Universe, or Divine Source or a loving power greater than your current human self. Begin your day by asking questions like: “Who am I being guided to connect with today?” or “Where am I being guided to be physically present today?” Remember to be still enough to hear the answer and also be open throughout the day to be guided.

2. Tune Into Your Gut Brain: There are times when we just get a feeling about something for no seemingly apparent reason. Some people call it a gut feeling, or an uneasy feeling depending on the situation. Scientists are recently calling our gut a second brain that can literally communicate with our emotions and heighten our awareness. In an article by Health Line, they state that our gut is lined with over 500 million neurons that are fully alive and when activated on high alert.

When your gut feeling kicks in you will feel physical sensations coursing through your body. Your heart rate might raise, your stomach may feel tight, or you may get chills down your spine. There are other sensations that you can feel as well, that are more based on a feeling, or a knowing within you that you just can’t seem to shake. It’s important to note that your sixth sense or gut feelings don’t always feel negative. Sometimes, you’ll feel a wave of warmth wash over you, or chills all over your entire body, or simply an inner peace. You can heighten these sensations by practicing the art of feeling them daily.

Your Daily Practice: Pay attention to your surroundings no matter where you are. Throughout your day pay attention to the sensations that you are feeling within your gut and throughout your physical body. How is your body responding to the environment and to your interactions with others? In addition, how do you feel emotionally? Are you calm, nervous, uptight, or peaceful? Tuning into these things can support you in diving deeper into your sixth sense and trusting it.

3. Practice Inviting Feelings of Inner Peace: If you live in a chaotic world and don’t get much peace, it is next to impossible to get in touch with your intuition. Living in a chaotic world, is like trying to hear a song clearly, while static is screaming in the background on the radio. If you want a clear channel you need to dial it in. Your emotions are energy and energy either attracts or repels. If you are living a life of peace, acceptance, love, and forgiveness, you increase your chances of being able to tune into your intuition.

Your crown chakra, your third eye chakra, and their connection with your heart chakra are the three energy centers that support greater intuition. Listening to guided meditations or connecting with the Universal Consciousness of God, to enhance these energy centers can begin to help support feelings of inner peace. Also creating other ways to invite peace into your life can be very beneficial so you may open your mind and heart up to intuitive guidance for your life.

Daily Practice: Begin inviting peace into your life by participating in guided meditations or simply being still. We have guided meditations specifically for the chakras to enhance your ability to feel peace and integrate it into your life, as well as other guided meditations to support feelings of inner peace.

4. Tune Into Body Language: Body language or gestures can give clues to some many things about people, situations, or circumstances. Although paying attention to body language may not seem like intuition and may appear to be more connected with the physical, by tuning into being aware, you can then consciously activate your intuition.

For instance, if you visit a friend and they are putting on the usual smile, yet their eyes tell another story, you may pick up on the intuitive under current that something else might be going on in their life. Although you may not be able to pinpoint the problem initially, your intuition might tell you that they are worried about something. A couple of body language signs or gestures that you can watch for are the following: the look of the eyes, tone of voice, position of body. Body language has many aspects to it as you will find by exploring it further with an in-depth article, The Ultimate Guide To Body Language

Daily Practice: Practice observing body language. Go sit in a park and people watch. Look for the various body gestures. Are they moving fast or slow? Confident or nervous? Do they avoid eye contact? Look at the body posture. Are they standing upright, slumped over, relaxed, or stiff, open, or closed off with arms folded? How are they walking, how are they sitting? Is their head looking forward or looking downward? As you tune into body language, it will give you more intuitive clues or hunches, to tap into what’s going on beneath the surface of things. You may pick up on thoughts, feelings, insights, and intentions that you never knew that you knew just by tuning into body language. Also, we encourage you to learn more about body language at your own leisure.

5. Tune Into the Energy: You can also become more aware of your intuitive gifts by tuning into how you feel around people. We have all felt the energy of a crowd when it is hyped up with excitement that ripples outward. There is a definite energy that goes with that experience, and it can be contagious as we get reeled into it. Every person has energy around them. Energy can feel heavy, draining, light, inspirational, empowering, suspicious, troublesome, inviting, resisting, subtle, energizing, along with many other descriptive words we can intuitively place.

As you tune into the energy you feel around individuals, you will pick up on some clues as to what might be going on with them. This type of observation is based more on a feeling you get, after observing the physical appearance of a person. For instance: Two people can have the same experience yet react with their energy in different ways. After attending a funeral, one’s energy may feel light while another’s energy may feel heavy. Allow yourself to feel deeply to know the difference.

Daily Practice: After observing one or more individuals, tune into your own inner knowing and feel what the energy is telling you. You can use the words below or create your own words to describe what energy you feel. How does the energy feel? Note that this is an observation, not a judgement. Heavy, draining, light, inspirational, empowering, suspicious, unsettling, troublesome, inviting, resisting, subtle, intense, unsettling, energizing, lively, uplifting, calm, inspirational, powerful, nervous, peaceful, loving, overpowering, or radiant?

6. Act On Unexpected Hunches: Everyone gets hunches from time to time, however, as mentioned earlier, most ignore them due to distractions or simply not trusting themselves to follow through. When you get a hunch you are being asked to trust beyond what you might currently be able to see in the physical. We can explain a hunch as a sudden or unexpected feeling or sensation that seems to drop out of nowhere, yet it definitely comes from a higher source or your connection with it.

Some examples of intuitive hunches might be. You have a feeling to call someone that you haven’t thought of in a long time, and when you do, you find out that they are struggling with something.

After a long and difficult day, you get the feeling to turn on the radio, and when you do, you hear a song that speaks a special uplifting message to your heart.

You have a feeling to drive home another way from work, so you follow through not knowing why. Later you find out that there was a car accident on your usual route.

As you act on your hunches you will invite more hunches to come through. The more you listen and act, the more your intuition will be sharpened. Such is what we would call, "A leap of faith." You act without knowing why and when you are fully in tune with the Divine, you don't require a reason, an acknowledgment, or anything in return. You act, simply because you felt lead to do so and the rest will look after itself. It's what we call, "Letting go and letting God."

Daily Practice: Think of a time that you had a sudden hunch and followed through with it. What happened? Did you listen? During your day, you may get sudden hunches that are unexplainable, yet remember, you are being guided to trust deeper than on the physical level. When a sudden thought or hunch just happens to come to you, no matter what it is, listen to it and act upon it.

7. Play With Your Intuition: One of the best ways to tune into your intuition is to play with it. As a child you may have enjoyed guessing games, yet what we are proposing goes beyond guessing. Inviting yourself to tune into your intuition by keeping things light can move your ego out of the way. The ego tends to second guess things when intuition is making it way through into your life.

There are a few ways you can approach this. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes by asking yourself this simple question. “If I were them, what would I be thinking?” Answers may come in randomly. Just let them come in. The idea is not to resist the answers, but to be open to the possibilities for the answers.

You can also apply questions to yourself when faced with a decision where you feel like you don’t know what to do. Ask yourself a question. “If I knew what to do, what would that be?” Although these may seem relatively simple, they can support you in tuning into your intuition when it is trying to peek its way through.

Daily Practice: Play with your intuition by asking questions and then listening for the answer. The idea is to be open to the dialogue. You can also play games by having someone focus on a number or color and see if you can guess intuitively what it might be. The more you can keep it light and fun, the greater chance you will sharpen your intuition.

8. Tune Into the Future Imagination: Tuning into your futuristic imagination can sharpen your intuition. This can happen for anyone. There may have been times that you have received future impressions. This is what we call flashes of insight, yet most forget they’ve even had them. Paying attention and remembering is key to sharpening your future imagination which is filled with unimaginable intuition.

For instance, perhaps someone you know got married and you had a flash of insight that they’d be divorced in five years. Most people would shame themselves for thinking such a thing, so they bury the intuitive thought. When you tune into your intuition you can ask yourself questions pertaining to the future like, “Where do I see myself in five years? How do I see myself doing that? What would I be doing if I were living my best life?” These simple questions can invoke further insights into your future.

Daily Practice: Tune into your intuition by stepping into your future self. Imagine speeding up time and seeing yourself and your unlimited life five years from now. Write a letter to yourself current self. Describe what you are doing, where you are living, with your passion and purpose being fulfilled. Let your intuition lead you on this one. Have fun with it!

9. Become An Interpreter of Your Dreams: Often times your dreams will communicate with you as you lay your conscious mind to rest. Dreams can relay messages that are seeking to get your attention. Although you may not consider yourself an interpreter of dreams, you know yourself better than anyone else on this planet. This is another invitation to play with your intuition. Paying attention to your dreams can give you insights for your life.

For instance, lets’ say you dreamt that you were stuck in quicksand and there was no one there to rescue you. You could intuitively interpret that dream as you feel stuck in your current life situation and that you feel unsupported by others. As you consciously pay attention to your dreams, you can discover intuitive messages woven within. Dreams can act as a guidance system to support you in navigating your way through life.

Daily Practice: Before going to sleep, set a conscious intention so that you can tune into your dreams. Ask for a message in your dream, or some guidance, then believe that the dream is being formulated even before you fall asleep. Keep an open mind to receive. Once you remember your dream, write down what it was about, then tune into your intuition about what it symbolizes for you.

10. Spend Time Connecting with Nature: Individuals often neglect or excuse the power of nature and its gifts. Placing your bare feet in the grass can ground your body into going deeper with yourself. It frees you from the many distractions of the world and supports you in breathing with the beautiful energy of Mother Earth. Grounding has been shown to improve overall health and wellness. Clint Ober, created a movie called, The Earthing Movie It will change the way you feel about the earth. As you are out grounding, ask yourself questions and tune into the sensations within your body, mind, and spirit.

Daily Practice: Take some time to ground and connect with the earth. Ask yourself some questions while being intuitively open to receiving the answers. What does your intuition tell you as you connect with nature? Where do you take yourself on that journey as you close your eyes? Who are you in stillness? What feelings flow through you when things are quiet? What question do you now have time to ask? What questions should you be asking to gain further insight into your path and purpose?

Every day invites you to connect with deeper insights and intuition as to who you truly are. You may be guided in ways that you may not fully comprehend, however, as you listen and act upon those internal nudges, trust that the puzzle pieces are being gently laid into place for the highest good of your Infinite Soul. May you be blessed to know yourself through and through.

To connect deeper with your intuition and personal healing, we encourage you to tune into and enroll in our online courses designed to elevate all aspects of you, mind, body and spirit.

For personal healing sessions with Leslie Paramore, visit the website to see available packages. Go To Website Here

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Leslie Paramore operates a private practice, where she offers sessions remotely and in person. She supports individuals on their path towards holistic health and wellness, mind, body and spirit. Leslie is a Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Purpose Coach, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and meditation recording artist. Leslie is also known for channeling intuitive messages from the spiritual realms for her clients. She loves supporting individuals in discovering their healing gifts. She is passionate about empowering the planet one heart at a time.

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Pooja Agrawal
Pooja Agrawal
24 de abr. de 2022

Wonderful guidance Leslie, this is something to build on as we practice day be day.

Would love to be part of your intuitive guidance session on Zoom.

Thank you,

Pooja (

Explore Alternative Healing
Explore Alternative Healing
24 de abr. de 2022
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Pooja . . . thanks you for your comment. I have entered your name in the intuitive guidance for zoom. Be blessed!


23 de abr. de 2022

Loved it. As always you take care of your students!!!

Explore Alternative Healing
Explore Alternative Healing
23 de abr. de 2022
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Thank you. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the blog! More to come! Your name is now entered into our drawing for an intuitive counseling session!

Blessings of light, Leslie


Thank you 💕 as always your teachings are so inspiring! Loved the advice on asking yourself questions. Great lessons, I will incorporate them immediately. Love & gratitude for you Leslie ✨

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