“My first session with Leslie is one I will never forget. I felt such a connection coming from her as a caring practitioner. I felt a positive shift within myself after taking the time to experience healing on multiple levels."

 Leela C.

“I was quite bow legged and couldn't move my legs without pain. With Leslie, my legs of stone became mobile and completely new again. Leslie's healing work is so phenomenal!"

Pauline F.


A Remote Reiki Session From Poland

 "I had a very deep emotional healing session about old trauma and fears and felt much calmer and optimistic after it. I notice huge difference in how I react and see things. The results after the session was very accurate and inspiring."

Agnieszka S. 


A Remote Reiki Session  From Malaysia

"If you are seeking a healing experience which transforms you at all level and touches your soul in every way possible,  I experienced this in a single session of Reiki and chakra balancing." 

Sara R.

Knowing Leslie and having her assist me in my life in so many ways has been a gift. Go be with her. Your life will be forever changed. She is loving, caring, intuitive to your specific needs.

Rozan H.

I've been a regular client of Leslie's for three years. She has taught me about emotion and releasing  pain held within the body. My kids think she has magic hands! I would recommend her to anyone.  

Jenea R. 

I have seem fifty to sixty massage therapists for my back and shoulder injury over the past 40 years. Leslie is without a doubt the best!

Jerry R. 


For two and a half years I wore an supporting wrap and had pain every day because of a badly sprained ankle. I now play pickle-ball four times a week without a wrap and I am pain free! My ankle was totally healed!

Thank you Leslie

Randy C.